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It’s Nacho Babes | Halloween Costume Edition

It’s Nacho Babes special edition! For Halloween, we have posted some hot Halloween costumes and the girls that fill them. From Harry Potter, to Harley Quinn and the bunnies in between, Your girls in Halloween costumes is here. For more Babes makes sure you check out our posts HERE A post shared by Madelyn Collum […] More

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Got Razor Bumps On Legs? Try This Method

Ladies, we all shave our legs. Unless we’re lazy and just let it be for like a couple of days. But when you do, you might get this thing called razor bumps. And they’re so annoying and ugly. Then you just put on pants and forget they are there. Well that’s not fair. You want […] More

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Gap Year Ideas: Setting Up Your Own Volunteer Project

One of the pretty common and popular things that are undertaken by young people is to take a gap year. This is a special year before attending a college or university, or a year after receiving the Bachelor’s degree and before the beginning of the last year at the higher educational institution. This year is […] More

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