When you are Feeling Down

It happens and it is not Fun.

It’s a part of living life. No matter what happens or what you do, there are going to be parts you have to live and you just don’t want to be part of it. They could be things in your life, or things inside your head, or even both. But something, maybe even more than one, is keeping you from your best and more importantly, feeling like you are doing your best.

It’s doubt, sadness, disbelief, even depression. Many of us have to battle it in some form. For many, it is something that fades away and soon you are back to your normal self, whatever that is. For some, it is a lot worse and more of a struggle than that.

Depression may be a horrible thing and all-consuming, but it doesn’t make things stop. Life around you goes on even if you are not feeling it. That is not a sign there is something wrong with you, that is just how life works. Everything doesn’t stop. You may wish it would, but it doesn’t, whether that helps anything or not.

Being in a bad place may slow you down, but there are different ways you can keep yourself going and possibly forge yourself a new path to hopefully not run into this feeling again. It may not be curable or completely go away, but you are not at its mercy and you can do things to help yourself.

Know Where

A big thing about these kinds of battles is that you are not alone. Especially nowadays there are places to go, even online, and people who will listen. Sometimes the answer doesn’t just appear.  It is a process that needs to be worked on, but progress is still doing something about it.

Be Open

As I said before, this is not something you can magically make disappear on your own. If things are getting bad for you, don’t be afraid to turn to someone you may have never met before for help, or at least some ideas where to start. Wherever you live, see what is available for people needed that help.

Sometimes it is a state or government agency, sometimes it’s a crisis organization, sometimes it’s the hospital. No matter what, be open to listening, and hope they will listen to you. Most times people in places like that will listen and will come up with ideas. There are no guarantees it will work and set you on the way, but there isn’t any of that in whatever you have to deal with and whatever may be going through your head either. These people aren’t there to “ruin” anything or make you into some kind of mindless drone either. If you are feeling down, heavens forbid you feel even worse, at least give them a listen and see if you can’t come up with something that may be a road to doing and thinking better.

Find a Problem

Sometimes you just have to cut things and/or people from your life. The people may not know it or the things do not care.  A negative influence can be just that and suck the life right out of you. If something comes up right at the start, it is time to think things over a bit and change your approach, if not theirs. Either way, you need to get rid of that negative influence and get you something better! Like everything it is usually not easy, but it can be worth it.

Believe in yourself too

Self-confidence does play a part in things like this no matter what or how bad they are. It’s not always the root of your problems but it can be right there to make it even worse. If you really aren’t believing in yourself in life, work, or just existence, do something you know you can. If you draw, draw something! If you write, write something! If you sell, sell something! Don’t worry about other people because, at a time like this, you need to be first. Start simple and work from there. Reassurance in your own abilities can help you as well.

This is only a few of the things you can do to make you feel better in life and what you do. Start small to change and make things better. It’s not quick or easy, but in life, that is not always what is needed to get you back on your way.


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