What to do to Feel Entertained Outside Your House

The list of actions that can bring you fun once the decision to leave your room is made. Get ready to find the inspiration waiting for you so long in the world outside!

When the author of “Eat, Pray, Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert, decided to change her life, she not only left her home but also temporarily changed her place of residence to another continent to feel that modification. In fact, her experience is a great inspiration for anyone struggling with routine and striving to live a more entertaining life. Even though we do not insist on changing the planet in order to find more fun, you surely need to leave the walls and take certain actions to achieve your goal. Following Gilbert’s plan, we offer you a list of concrete things to do outside your home to feel entertained (food will be included in the list, no worries).

#1. PRANK!

If you sit home, the world doesn’t feel like fun anymore. So, the best thing you can make to handle this is to go out and laugh! If you’re in misery, a proper preparation and a fast cure are needed to take a new lease of life. And here, pranking, or joking with strangers, is your best friend. Feel free to use the ideas of prank found on the Internet – a good prank gets only better when used several times!


Another way to entertain yourself out of home is to gather a great event. The social impact of this idea is tremendous: if you feel lonely and bored, you can help not only yourself but also other people who didn’t know it’s possible to entertain themselves in this way. The place and the purpose are up to you – play football in a neighboring yard, go read books on the blankets in a park or watch movies in an outdoor cinema. Just choose an activity that suits your mood today!

#3. JOIN!

If you feel too tired to search for a purpose of coming out, that’s also OK – you can accompany someone more creative and active in a town! Among the typical events happening around in every town, you can surely find a nice walking tour to visit the historical sites, an art class, or a concert of a local band. The only thing you need is a passion for discovering something new and unusual or for revealing the new angle in the common things.


If you are interested in the Universe, we have a special offer for you – to visit an observatory! This decision offers you an amazing chance to watch the city from above and get closer to planets and stars at once. Sounds great, isn’t it? If you live in Hawaii or Wisconsin, you’re lucky to have a great chance to attend one of the most beautiful observatories in the world. Don’t miss this opportunity and realize how tiny are our problems on a cosmic scale (including any kind of boredom, actually)!

#5. WALK!

Sorry for being that obvious – no surprise, if you sit at home the whole day and decide to find entertainment elsewhere, you’ll go on foot. But what we mean behind walking is something more than a simple transfer from a point A to a point B. Consider the idea of walking for pleasure or participating in a quest! With your smartphone, you can find much more fun in the obvious purpose of leaving home. Remember that public madness about Pokemon Go? That’s the justification that walking can bring tons of fun to the millions of people! In addition, there are plenty of similar simulations to entertain you while stepping on the everlasting streets (for example, geocaching). Try any game and enjoy your walk today!

#6. SPORT!

When you’re stuck at home, your body misses its necessary doze of daily activity, and you feel sad and bored. To catch it up, fix your mental state, and waste some calories, find your sport in a wide range of possible solutions. To name a few, you can wear your trainers and go jogging, call your friends to play basketball or attend a free class in a gym or in a dancing studio in town. Riding a bike is also an amazing idea, by the way! Make sure you have the necessary equipment and information in advance (suitable clothes, subscription to announcements, and necessary addresses, among all), so you’ll surely know what to do when you’re stuck at home next time!


Music is your best friend in any mood – and that’s an amazing feature about it. It can support you in the sadness, express the feeling when you can’t find your own words to describe it or make you dance on your party. And it’s range is truly never-ending. You can always rely on the ability of music to provide something new on a daily basis – just launch YouTube, Spotify, Last.fm or Soundcloud and let the algorithms do all the job for you (see, there is a variety not only in music but also in the services available!). Actually, you can notice that even the silence has its own music – if it is so, be ready to enjoy whatever you hear and find your favorite sounds wherever you are.

#8. EAT!

And the favorite part of the humanity, food. In fact, if you want to eat and feel bored at home simultaneously – that’s an ideal purpose to go out and entertain yourself outside a home. We don’t limit you in satisfying your stomach – but let it be delicious! Involve your creativity – choose the fast food you’ve never tried, treat yourself with a healthy and delicious dinner in a restaurant you thought is too expensive for you, or attend a cooking class to learn how to make a sophisticated meal you’ve been afraid of cooking before. In any case, make sure you’ll be totally satisfied. And of course, enjoy your meal!


If boredom doesn’t go away after a long walk, attending all the events and seeing all the secret places in town while riding a bike – well, that means it’s a high time to change your country! If you don’t trust our words, read that book of Elizabeth Gilbert we’ve mentioned in the beginning of this text and see how dramatic can be the outcomes of changing the familiar context. Don’t be afraid of exploring the world – it’ll bring you loads of fresh insights, adventures, and entertainment!

Be brave and go out of your home – never-ending sources of fun are waiting for you around each corner. Just prepare your eyes to see and mind to accept each and every opportunity you’ll meet!

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