Restaurant Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

We all love eating out but do we know what we get? Restaurants are using all types of tricks to earn more. There are so many things that we are not aware of. If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant you probably already know what to order and what not. But there are so many people out there who literally have no idea about restaurant secrets. Starting with the quality of their ingredients to the way they prepare food, there are many well-hidden facts that you have to find out from an insider.

We rounded up some of the biggest secrets that restaurants and their employees don’t want you to know. In the end, it’s all about profit. After reading this you might not want to order your favorite drink or food anymore. Don’t worry, you can always read a lot of reviews and find out more about what people think of the places you want to get a meal at.

Restaurant Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

Servers Are There To Boost Sales

The chances are, your server will recommend you a more expensive meal. Servers are actually salesperson, whose tip and job depends on how much they will sell. There are still the ones that are very honest and will really tell you which one is the best option. Another thing you can’t expect to find out from servers is answers to questions regarding freshness. A lot of people ask whether the seafood that the restaurant serves is fresh. And most of the time it’s frozen, but you’ll still get an answer that they get a new shipment each day. The bigger the sales, the higher tip the waiter will get. So it is very much understandable that they will have a strategy to make you order several dishes and the more expensive ones.

Daily Specials Are Not The Best Idea

This is another restaurant secret, that employees don’t want you to know about. In most cases, the listed daily specials are available because the restaurant wants to get rid of some type of food. These dishes have great prices, but the expiration date might be coming close. It doesn’t always mean that the quality of the ingredients is not on point, but this happens very often.

Restaurant Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

They Don’t Wash Lemons

There probably isn’t a single restaurant that washes lemons. If you think about it, they go in your drinks, get in touch with your food and with a lot of employee’s hands. So lemons might not be the cleanest fruit in the house. A lot of guests will change their mind now, and pass on the lemon when they eat fish. Also, drinks can be a big problem or even soda water. We always put the slices inside the glass which is not the best idea. So next time you go out avoid using lemons in the restaurant.

Not All Servers Know The Menu

The ugly truth of working in a restaurant is that you have to learn the whole menu during training. But a lot of servers are not that interested to read and learn. They end up not knowing everything about the dish. So when guests ask questions, it can happen that the waiter just gives out false information. There are also the ones that will apologize and let you know that they will find out more and come back to you. When you want to know which white wine goes best with your dish better ask a bartender.


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