People Will Do Anything to Go Viral

One thing I dislike about society now is that they will make anything go viral. When I say anything, I mean stuff like people acting wild for attention. Sometimes the stuff that people do isn’t funny. Well, I don’t get the “joke.” For example, there is a song that went viral telling people to act “retarded.” The dance to the song basically makes fun of handicap people. Most people laugh at the dance. On a serious note, its offensive to someone who has a disability. Also, it shows how most people in this world don’t think about certain things before they do/say them. They are just worried about doing the next viral challenge so they can get “famous.” Little do they know some of these challenges on the internet make them look bad. I dislike the ones that are offensive in a disrespectful way. 

If you want to do something to make yourself go viral make it positive. Also, be yourself not what you think others want you to be. Don’t make a fool out of yourself just for a day or two worth of fame. Nowadays one little thing can make you go viral for a short period of time. Then after that most people will forget about you and go on to the next viral thing. That’s unless you keep putting out content. Most of you wouldn’t do that for long though.

As this article, comes close to an end. Why do some of you act foolish for the internet? Do you want attention? Are you getting paid for it? Do you think that one viral moment will make you famous forever? These questions need answers. I fully understand everyone has their own kind of sense of humor. Usually some darker than others. Anyways, like I said earlier people will do anything to go viral. Some of you need to stop sharing, liking, or retweeting the nonsense on social media. Then you wonder why people like the “cash me outside” girl can make easy money acting foolish. 


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