It’s Nacho Introduces Life DIY 101 Videos!

It’s Nacho introduces Life DIY 101 videos! These are short videos we have produced which teaches you how to change a tire, basic cooking, how to taxes, etc.  Basic things that you need in real life with a dash of It’s Nacho humor.  Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday!

Life DIY 101 Videos | August Schedule

  • Thursday, August 10 | How to change a tire
  • Saturday, August 12 | How to do taxes
  • Tuesday, August 15 | How to perform basic 1st aid
  • Thursday, August 17 | How to sew
  • Saturday, August 19 | How to basic cooking
  • Tuesday, August 22 | How to jump-start a car
  • Thursday, August 24 | How to perform CPR / Heimlich maneuver


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