Ideal Gifts for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Finding the ideal gift for a loved one or a friend is challenging. Unless you’re highly attuned to their exact tastes, you want to pick a gift that is useful, fun or quirky. Doing so allows you to avoid misjudging what they’d prefer in a new outfit or something else that’s quite personal and all too easy to get wrong.

Here are three suggestions for interesting gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

Like a Candle in the Wind

There are few women who don’t like to receive a candle. Not only are they romantic, but they are also practical too. They can serve as a backup light source should the power cut out unexpectedly. Also, scented candles make candles more enjoyable to use by bringing in another element during their use.

Consider buying a friend a candle subscription box. These contain themed candles that provide them with a pleasant way to light up the bathroom whilst relaxing with a hot bubble bath. While these candles are sold as a subscription, they also offer a pre-paid plan to buy 3, 6- or 12-months’ supply of candles for someone too.

Each themed candle comes with a unique scent that matches its theme, so when signing up a subscriber, they don’t know what they’ll be receiving each month, which adds to their sense of anticipation.

A ‘Very Big Hug’

This generously sized 100 per cent cotton throw rug makes for an ideal gift. The handmade rug can go over the comforter during winter or on the sofa during those cold winter evenings. It has two large black bear paws printed across it, along with the wording “Very big hug”. If your friend or loved one has moved away or lives too far away for you to drop in and give them a real hug when they need it, this blanket will give them just what they need to snuggle up with.

The rug itself measures 50-inches by 68-inches, so it’s big enough to cover a sofa or to have as an accessory on the bed.

Is There an Echo in Here?

The Amazon Echo is a cool gift for a technologically minded friend or family member who is committed to the Amazon eco-system. The Echo works with the Alexa system to create a smart home. It understands voice commands for making a call, playing a music track or placing an order.
The Echo has a noticeable speaker and is available with a wood or fabric finish to the speaker grill which helps the device disappear into the background until it’s needed.

Getting the most appropriate gift for someone is worth taking the time to do it right. We all know what it’s like to receive something that we don’t really like and have to smile and say, “Thank you.” For this reason, it’s always good to plan out gifts carefully. Focus on what the other person would love; not what you would like to receive. The outcome is much better that way.

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