How to Stay Confident and Tackle These 10 Teenage Troubles

Life is not fair, dudes. No one can understand you. Many people around you, including your parents, have no freaking idea but tell you what to do constantly. No one is there when you make a meaningful discovery. No one really can get into your situation and realize why you feel this way.

Then, there are those ‘experts’ in adolescence who think they have it all figured out. They write manuals about how to deal with teenagers, which seems utterly ridiculous and a bit funny.

In my experience, I’ve always relied on myself to get ahead in life and silence all those who try to criticize me. I came up with a plan to keep my cool in situations where I usually lose it. Can I share it with you real quick?

1. How to organize a party and don’t destroy the house

Remember that hilarious movie where three teenagers lost control of their party and burn down the house, Project X? That was an unbelievable movie, right? I mean who doesn’t want to have a party that ends with an expensive car in a backyard pool, right?

First of all, to avoid destroying a house, you need to arrange the party at your friend’s house and let them worry about it!!! Just kidding!

Let’s be real: establish some ground rules and limit the number of people who are going. Also, a careful screening process will be great as well. Those known for being super crazy at parties should not be invited.

2. Troubles with the law

First of all, stay away from the drugs and anything that can cause some problems with the law. In many cases, your friends are the ones who pressure you to do something illegal because it sounds really fun. By hanging around with them, you might be heading for problems.

You want to be rich and cool in the future, right? Then say no to activities that can get you in trouble.

3. Cash shortage

If you’re a bit low on cash and you need asap, there are some ways to do that. No, I am not going to tell you to go wash cars and paint houses. Instead, you can sell your old clothes and snickers on services like Uptown Cheapskate and Cash for Clothes. You can even make some cash playing video games or selling your essays! Well, find services like these in your area and see what they can offer to improve your financial situation.

4. Video games takeover

Yeah, playing World of Warcraft sounds a lot more fun than doing school assignments. Especially if you are a world class player everyone is afraid of. If you’re not, chances are you’re not going to become a professional gamer.

The school, on the other hand, gives a more diverse selection of future occupations. I am not trying to say you should stop playing video games (God no!) but it still makes a lot of sense to think of them as leisure, not as a life-defining activity.

5. How to stay confident on a first date

Ahhh, those dreaded first dates! Are they going to be awesome? Are they going to suck? Well, don’t go to see a movie! A better way to go is to meet at a park and start with coffee. Take care of your appearance, dress the part, and don’t lie to sound cooler! Learn to present yourself in an interesting way. For example, don’t you dare to say something like:

“I am a student. I like traveling. I don’t go out a lot. Alcohol is fine with me.

”A good word to characterize this is BORING. Goodbye, my boring friend, thanks for ruining my first date.

Instead, say something like this:

“Well, I am currently studying psychology, which is something I’ve always been interested in. I like to help people improve their lives, what can I say. Also, I am a huge fan of traveling: one of my dreams destinations is Paris (you can ask his or her dream destination as well, keep the conversation going). I try to spend as much time as possible with my little brother on weekends, so I don’t go out much these days (Just imagine how adorable that sounds to girls!!!). I am looking forward to the day me and him go out together to have fun with our friends.”

So, which option sounds more interesting to you?

6. Conflicts with people who try to teach you

Ohhh, this one is pretty good: there is always someone older who tries to teach teenagers something while disregarding their feelings. “Back in my days” is usually how they start. Ugh!

You know what the best way to avoid conflicts in these situations is? NOT CARING. Yes, not caring what others think is the key to getting through every day! Feel free to wear what you want, love yourself for it, and ignore their ‘advice.’ You are a wonderful person and you should have a nice life. Don’t let someone ruin your days with pointless comments. They’re not going to break you anyway!

7. Depression

For teenagers, it is completely normal to feel depressed once in a while. During this time, it is important to communicate with others because the depression leads to bad things.

Fight it! You are a young person and the world is your oyster. You should not be lying in your bed crying or holding your smartphone. Do something that makes you feel good.

Want to ask your dad to teach you how to drive? Go ahead! Always wanted to learn to play basketball? Go get that ball and go to the park!

8. Grades

If your grades have been going down lately, you’re probably not giving your best effort to studying. I don’t want to sound like your parents but you need to do better. Seriously. All pressure aside, you’ll definitely want to have a career when you graduate from school.

Yeah, I know that Bill Gates got his diploma when he was 51 because it was not a big deal for him. But guess what? You’re not Bill Gates! You need a strong foundation to build a successful career, and it starts with grades.

That might be difficult to pull your grades back up in a short term. I’d recommend asking for a help at college papers writing service in case if you got a lot of assignments to be done.

9. Staying cool under pressure

Friends can be very persuasive and make you do stupid things. Only when you let them! For example, if someone pressured you to smoke, you could say you don’t want your breath to come from an ashtray. Use your sense of humor! If the problem persists, re-evaluate the importance of being a friend to that person.

10. Stress

School is a stressful time. Homework, extracurricular activities, relationships… All that can be really exhausting. While it’s normal to have some stress, a persisting feeling can be bad for health. You don’t want to end up depressed with your friends trying to cheer you up, right?

It’s very simple to beat stress if you make a commitment. Just get involved in some physical activity (yoga, hiking, skateboarding, you name it), sleep well, and spend some time doing things you really like.

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