Having to Move

Whether you are a little kid or an older person, it is something that comes to everyone at some point in life. You have to move. It may be by choice, as there a lot of opportunities that happen in life that warrant change. New jobs, school, or terrible things like disasters, but for almost everyone, at some point, a move has to be made.

So what do you do?

Well, if you have any kind of say in the matter (and even if you don’t) before everything else is to figure out what you can do right now. Do you have some help on this? Do you have money that can help you get by? Things like that.  If you have neither or even access to either, this is going to be rough. But whether you are out of funds or are able to keep yourself afloat or you have to save everything. Chance are good you will need to find ways to spend it wisely and be able to make some more! Remember, most people aren’t millionaires overnight so start small. Find little places closes by to get things you need like food or supplies. There is no shame in buying yourself dinner for a week in a dollar store over a supermarket. If you don’t eat you don’t go very far no matter what you are doing!

Prioritize things in your life. What needs to be handled and done now as opposed to later? If you need to get work done to keep the things you have, start there. Things to keep you alive and where you are located. No one wants to get evicted, kicked out, and forcibly moved. No matter where your starting point is. Make sure those things don’t happen to keep you from a better future. Besides keeping yourself healthy and fed, get anything you need for school or a job to give you a way to stay put for a while. Even nomadic herds had to stop every so often and figure things out. You aren’t any different.

Where are you? It’s a simple question, but one some people are just better at answering then others. It is also one that can save you a lot of grief. Start with where you actually are and then try to find what is close by first before you try to map an entire city around you. Online places like Google Maps can help, but could people you may now talk to know the area more than you do. Need clean clothes but don’t have a washer machine handy? Find a laundry mat close by. Can’t cook a meal of your own to save your life? Find someone who offers cheap meals or cheap groceries and a cookbook and keep them handy. Many of these things come up as answers to life’s many questions. And it shouldn’t be expected to just show up and know everything. Don’t do that to yourself or anyone else. Start small on where to go for you for answers. After that, you can grow.

Related to that as where are you related to where you need to be? If you are across the street from where you make you’re living, that is a big step and many of your problems are answered. It’s just not about making your life comfy and giving you something pretty to look at. Society likes people to be productive to someone! If you stay at home, write and don’t have to go anywhere, that is fine! If you have to dress up and be presentable before punching in on a clock every day, That is fine too! Been there. It’s living. But you better know where you have to actually be!

But beyond that, do take at least some time for yourself. There is no wrong in thinking for yourself too. What are things that will make you happy and able to function? Like to read? Find a place that sells a lot of books. Like to party? There are places that let you do that! No matter what a change like this means there may be a lot going on. But don’t forget in all that, you need time for yourself too. Places may change. But you do not change that fast.

If you are prepared for what life can throw at you, you have a good head start on things. If you are prepared for what life has already laid out, even better.

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