Having Hope

The belief you can actually do something!

Having hope in what you do and confidence that it is something you can accomplish. Not if whatever you set your mind to will be hard, but the idea that you can do it no matter what.

Maybe that is a feeling that is lacking around a lot. A lot just do not have hope to do what they want or need.

It was something that was said at the end of an Anime America Video about teachers that got me thinking. One of the things Robyn mentioned was about Teachers giving hope to their students. It took me a little while but the words rang true. Confidence is a big ingredient in getting things done. Some things just don’t get accomplished because people just do not have that thought that what they are doing is right.

The fear of failure is a big thing. Not just not being able to accomplish something, but failing and having to put in more time and energy in trying to make things right is another one. A lot of that thought can linger in a mind as well.

Everyone wants to be able to do something the first time and get things done like a rock star. They want that confidence that it is something they can rattle off with little effort and be great at it. It isn’t so much about actually getting something done, but the feeling that you are awesome enough to do it and not have to struggle to get there.

That also isn’t true most of the time.

That kind of thinking doesn’t take into account all the time put in to get to that goal, or want to avoid all that, to begin with. You want to ace that test or class? You gotta work at it. Get a better job? You gotta work at it. Do you want to be able to be in a relationship with that super hotty you know? Give yourself a reason to believe that you can.

It’s an old proverb that comes to mind in this thinking. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” but what they don’t say is if you give a man the thought and confidence he can fish, He will do it again. Get what I mean? You can give someone all the tools in existence but if they don’t have the belief they can accomplish anything, many will not even try.

So what to do if that sense of doubt is creeping up on you? Fail. Allow yourself to not do it right and figure out afterward what you could have done. Right or wrong, you did something and once it is over, find out what was the reason and figure out what to change for the next attempt. Start smaller if you can. Don’t overdo something for your first attempt. Don’t jump into an emergency room and expect to perform surgery. That is what medical school is for. It’s there to accomplish smaller things and give you the confidence, the tools, and the skills to do it. If you want to be able to accomplish something, start with something smaller and more obtainable for what you have at the time.

Hearing others have that belief in you also is a big help. It can be a boost to have someone tell you that they believe and even better if they have reason to believe you can. That can mean a lot to someone who doesn’t. Mentally it is a building block to base a belief on. That feeling has to start from somewhere.

Sometimes that is the key. You can learn all you want and have all the tools to accomplish something. But it is the thought you are able to reach your goal that is part of that mix too. It’s not the idea you can nail something the first time you do it, it’s a better idea to try and eventually get it right.

If you really believe in something, give yourself the reason to believe in you and get something accomplished! Having Hope in yourself can be a powerful thing.

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