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Facebook is the most talked about social media app besides Twitter and Snapchat. Throughout the years Facebook updates to keep up with modern technology to make their app enjoyable for users. They know how to keep us happy. Nowadays many people on Facebook share entertaining videos. Videos are so quick to go viral on there. Let’s be honest if it wasn’t for those funny videos a lot of people (mostly teens) wouldn’t use Facebook. It’s so easy to share anything on there.

The “on this day” memories also are a feature most of us love on Facebook. It’s exciting to look back at memories from years ago. This reminds me of when you get your old family photo album to look through pictures from back in the day and have vivid memories. Plus, the on this day feature reminds you of some memories that you probably forgot about. Personally, it’s my favorite feature on Facebook.

Another thing that makes Facebook enjoyable is connecting with old classmates. Especially the ones you always wonder what happened to them after y’all graduated. Mostly everyone has a Facebook account so it wouldn’t be hard to find the person you’re looking for. Sometimes reconnecting with an old classmate is the right thing you need to do to network with them.

Oh yeah, I can’t forget the enormous number of groups you can join on there. For example, a group that is about anything you’re interested, jobs that are hiring, and about your favorite tv shows plus much more! Even if you don’t find a group that catches your interest. You can create your own and get people to join it. There is nothing wrong with starting up a group that talks about something other groups haven’t thought of. At least you came up with the idea first before anyone else thought of it.

Facebook is enjoyable for everyone to use. No one should get bored using the app. It’s so many things you can do on that one app that other apps don’t have. If you never sign up for Facebook try it. I promise you will like it. For the people that do have a Facebook what makes you enjoy the app?


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