Essential Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

Motorcycles are great and fun, but also dangerous if you are not responsible and fully aware of all safety measures. Even though some accidents are unavoidable, you can definitely reduce the risks of being involved in one, if you follow the safety rules. Therefore, in this article, we will present you all essential safety tips, which are especially important for new riders.

Choose the right motorcycle

For your first riding trip, it is essential to pick a motorcycle which fits your needs, requirements, and experience. Also, you have to identify the reasons for your riding. You don’t need the same motorcycle to go to the workplace and for a long-distance trip. Therefore, it is vital to know your reasons and to decide on the type of motorcycle afterward. There are many beginner motorcycles you can choose. Another important factor is your height and weight. Your body size is crucial to select the safest motorcycle option. That way, you will narrow down all potential options. Therefore, choose one that is good for beginners, that fits your size, and also, that suits your driving reasons in the first place.

Motorcycle safety gear

Safety gear is a requirement, especially for new drivers. There are many options out there when it comes to equipment, and we will mention the most important ones. 


The jacket is one of the most vital pieces of motorcycling gear. It offers superior protection from the environment, especially from rain. Before you decide on the design, you have to know its function to see if it fits your plans. For instance, if you want to ride on a closed racetrack, you won’t need a suit or a leather jacket. Textile is maybe the best option for casual road riding.  


Motorcycle pants essential not only because of protection but comfort as well. Leather pants are usually the best. You don’t want them to be too tight, nor too baggy. Leather is excellent because it offers maximum protection. Also, choose pants with the cooling feature (very important for summer), and also with extra padding in the knees and hips.


When it comes to safety, the helmet is the most crucial piece you need to wear while riding a motorcycle. Not only that many people lose their lives because they had no helmet, but it is also an official law in almost every country or state. There are a few options. You can choose a full-face helmet which offers the highest protection, but also ¾ or ½ coverage, which are more suitable for some people.


Gloves are offering both sun and wind protection, which is why they are an essential part of safety gear. Also, they will shield your hands from flying objects on the road, and provide additional grip for safer riding. Leather and textile are again two best options. Leather is excellent for comfort, and it resists abrasion, but not water penetration. On the other hand, textile offers excellent weather protection but is less resistant to abrasion.


Proper motorcycle boots must offer protection, comfort, and a good tread between you and the road surface. Textile material on boots provides excellent weather protection. On the other hand, if you don’t plan to ride while it is snowing or raining, you can choose leather, too. Finally, the most significant advantage of your motorcycle boots is the extra protection around the ankles, which prevents abrasion. Regular boots usually do not have this ability.


You should always look for additional options to keep your ride more safe and comfortable. Set of earplugs is highly recommended for your ear protection. They will block the sound of the wind, which will improve your thought process during driving. Eye protection is also super important. Riding glasses or goggles are great ways to protect your eyes, especially when you have a ½ helmet. However, there are good eye protection options for other helmets as well. Do your research before you start your first riding trip.

Motorcycle safety course

Before you go out on the road, it would be a great idea to have a quick look at some motorcycle courses first. It will help you to increase necessary skillset, and to prepare you for emergencies. You will learn everything about traffic laws, but also how to react to those unexpected situations. There is also a one-on-one instruction option. Its advantage is direct feedback, which is impossible in larger groups. Find an expert instructor or driver in your area, and find out all necessary facts about riding before you go out on the road.

Check your bike, documents, and insurance

Whether you are going for a short or long-distance ride, always check your motorcycle, documents, and insurance first. Having all relevant documents, license, and motorcycling insurance is mandatory for your riding trip. Don’t even think of going anywhere without it. Also, before you start the journey, recheck your bike. Make sure that tires are properly inflated, and check the indicator, lights, and brakes. Finally, if you spot any small sign of oil leak or other signs of damage, don’t go for a ride before you fix it.

Ride according to your pace

It is essential to know your skills and abilities when it comes to riding. Don’t be jealous of those people who drive faster and have better skills. Don’t try to imitate them because it can end up very badly. Know your strengths and abilities, and try to choose the route which fits your style and skillset. Most importantly, don’t drive faster than you can handle.

Care about the speed limit

Every road has its speed limit, and it exists for a reason. There are many potential dangers on the road, and the only way to prevent them is to be a responsible driver yourself. Follow all speed limitations, especially if there are many other vehicles on the road. Respecting the speed limit on the road is essential to save yourself, but also to keep other drivers and pedestrians safe. Hence, follow those limitations and drive carefully.

Follow the traffic rules

This step might look obvious, but unfortunately, that is precisely why many accidents happen. Following the traffic, regulations is a must for every driver. Being in a hurry is the worst thing in the traffic since it usually leads to disregard of traffic rules or reckless driving. Therefore, be careful, follow the rules, and save yourself and other traffic participants.

Try to avoid bad weather conditions

Check the weather forecast before going on the trip. Especially if you opt for a long road. If you are a new, inexperienced driver, it would be wise to avoid bad weather conditions. By that, we are not only thinking about rain or snow. Very hot or cold weather should also be avoided as well. Try to postpone your trip or choose an alternative way of transportation. However, if you can’t delay your trip, make sure that you are well prepared. Wear appropriate clothing, drive slowly, and take enough breaks. 

To be able to enjoy your riding trip, you have to feel safe and comfortable. Also, you are not the only person you have to take care of. By following all traffic and safety rules, you are also responsible for other drivers and passengers.


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