Effective Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done Quick


With distractions building around us with raging pace, work productivity is getting lower with every passing day. Managers and team leaders around the globe are worried about the issue and are trying to find ways to increase their team’s’ productivity. To assure better productivity at work, numerous time management strategies have been put to place, which have also benefited many. To further improve the management process and let people work more efficiently at their work places, TaskQue, which is a free task management tool has come up with the following tips that are going to stop you from procrastinating and instill efficiency in your work.

Start managing task

One of the key elements to instill efficiency in your work procedures is to effectively manage your and your team’s tasks. Today, free task management tools are available that could help you in not only task management but also with their tracking and evaluation. You are required to simply write all the tasks in the task management software and assign it to the designated resources.

Do not lag on preparation

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For each task, be very well prepared, beforehand. When you sit down to begin working on a task, be sure that you have every resource in hand to get the task done with supreme efficacy. Being fully prepared is a powerful motivator for staying ahead during the task completion period.

Apply the 80/20 rule

According to the 80//20 rule, it is stated that 20% of the actions are responsible for 80% of output. Keeping in view the theory of the rule, we suggest that divide your tasks into smaller elements and as you continue completing them, you will end up completing the other elements too in the same time.

Slice your tasks

Similar to a bread that cannot be eaten if it’s not sliced, tasks cannot be completed if you try doing one big chunk at a time. To complete tasks effectively and efficiently, we suggest to divide them and you may also like to assign them to your team mates who are going to complete them without getting over burdened with work.

Select a time frame for your task

For any task to be completed in time, you are required to assign a time frame to that. For example, if you are to write an article of say 2000 words, bifurcate the entire article into 4 equal parts of 500 words each and dedicate a fixed time to it. Be sure to complete that task without distractions in that given time only, and you will be good.

Do the difficult tasks first

Many a times it happens that we tend to do the easier tasks first and leave the difficult ones for other time. This practice is devastating. It not only consumes more time, but also lowers the productivity by tuning your work mood to not-interested. Instead, do the difficult ones first so that your enthusiasm remains fresh and ones the difficult tasks are done, you can complete all the easier task with ease.


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