Combining Work and Studies: Tips and Tricks

If you are a student, you’ve probably thought of getting a job. And so a question appears: will I be able to handle both studying and working at the same time? The answer is yes, keeping in mind that this comes with a lot of challenges. In order to successfully manage to do this, you should consider some tips and tricks.

Find a Job Based on What You Are Studying

It might seem difficult, but it is not impossible! For example, if you are pursuing a degree in History, you could look for jobs that helps you improve and learn more about this subject. Universities are often looking for students that want to get involved.

You can help with different conferences’ organization or just with administrative tasks. Either way, you have the opportunity to interact with successful people who surely have a lot to teach you. And you earn some money while expanding your knowledge in your study domain.

And not only that. Building on your resume with field-related experience increases your chances of getting a job after you graduate. Employers appreciate related experience, even if the relation is not complete.

Become the Master of Time Management

Your schedule might be pretty tight up if you’re working and studying at the same time. This is a challenging situation we all encounter at some point of our lives. But, we all have the power to make it through.

The key to success is managing and organizing your tasks carefully. Take into consideration using an agenda. It helps a lot! You can plan all the activities you have to do and, while time passes, you’ll get used to using it.

Every person in the world has the same amount of hours in the day, the same amount of days in the month, and months in the year. If others can make it work, so can you. Make changes to your current schedule until the point where you have control over your time, and follow this schedule to optimize your tasks.

Take Breaks

Of course, you might feel overwhelmed because it is not easy to work and study at the same time. Every once in a while, a break might help a lot. Don’t bury yourself under a pile of articles and studies right after you come back from work.

Take your time, relax! Of course, it is also important not to push it and start procrastinating. Limit the length of your break and follow your agenda.

Enjoy a couple of hours with your friends, take a walk with the dog, do some morning exercise to keep the energy levels high. Something as simple as your favorite chocolate can make things better, as long as you keep track of the schedule.

Keep Your Motivation Level High

At first, you could feel that everything is possible, that you can make it through without problems. The boost of motivation you have at the beginning is incredible and it gives you amazing powers. But, with time, you might feel overwhelmed or tired, and so the level of motivation might decrease. It will become harder and harder to do your assignments after a long day at work.

Offer you rewards after you finish reading for your degree. Keep in mind that you do not have to give yourself amazing rewards. A chocolate, watching a movie or going for a walk will surely help. Besides that, you’ll have more energy and you will retain the information easily. Small rewards after accomplished tasks make the information more easily retainable.


Of course it is not an easy job managing both studying and working at the same time. Both of them are important for us and we should take care of both aspects. Although it might seem challenging at first, and it is, you should probably keep in mind that it’s not impossible.

By successfully managing your time and your breaks, but also by offering you small rewards after accomplished tasks, you can easily do this. And remember: this is just a transition period until you become an adult, with family and a lot more freedom. Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do!

Author Me: I’ve just finished my Psychology studies. Having so many helpful insides about how our mind works, I wanted to help people in need. And so, I started writing for Marvelous-Reviews. I also like sharing useful tips and tricks for everyday challenges.

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