Casual Style – Weekend Ready…

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak!

Working in corporate America and being in a corporate environment, I feel like I have to have my “game face” on at all times.  I feel pressure to perform, and a lot of that pressure I put on myself.  As the weekend is quickly approaching I am looking forward to some much needed down time and relaxation.

I dress up every day for work – it is very important to make sure that I am presenting myself in the best possible way when I meet with clients and I don’t take my appearance lightly.  So, when the opportunity arises (specifically at the weekend) I love the chance to dress down a little. I love to be able to explore my wardrobe and wear things that are not as suited for business wear but still look great.

The outfit I chose in this post is a really simple one that can very likely be duplicated with what you already have in your closet.  I am wearing a pair of my absolute favorite pants that remind me of the movie Grease – they are disco pants and the best thing…they are so stretchy that they fit to every contour of your body.  The shirt is just a loose simple denim look skirt, and I added a pair of booties in Grey.

How you dress at the weekend is not going to be graded or scrutinized like your work attire, however, I have always felt that it’s important to look the best you can no matter where you are going or what you are doing. Dress with this goal in mind – wear something that suits your style, allows you to feel confident knowing that you look good, and finally something that is appropriate for whatever you will be doing.  I definitely wouldn’t be wearing this outfit for yard work, whereas it is fabulous to wear for a fresh pressed juice with friends!


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