13 Must-dos to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

While a lifetime bucket list is a good thing to have as well, a summer bucket list is a nice miniature version. Just knowing that you only have a few months to complete a ton of fun activities will give you the encouragement to actually do the list. Every time you have a free day, take out this handy list and cross something off, guaranteeing the greatest summer of your life…and also some pretty awesome Instagram photos.

#1 Check out a music festival

Or at the very least, an outdoor concert. Surround yourself with friends and your favorite type of music - it's therapy for your soul!

#2 Take a road trip

Go to a new place for a sense of adventure or head to you go-to getaway. Focus on the word getaway here!

#4 Go to a karaoke bar

Change it up and find one of the best karaoke bars around and grab some friends to join you. Don't worry, most places have their own private rooms so you're not scaring little children with rendition of Rihanna. 

#5 Change it up!

Get a new haircut, dye your hair, get contacts... do something different to your appearance. You'll thank me later.

#6 Do nothing, seriously

Just don't stare at the wall like you're a crazy person, but go do nothing. Don't plan anything and go by yourself and chill for a couple hours.

#7 Organize a bar crawl for your friends around town.

Pick a handful of your favorite local bars and create some games to do at each bar. Here's one: Bar Crawl Bingo - get yourself a bingo card, there are plenty available online or you can make your own, and cross off the events that you witness as you make your way around town. Someone smashes a glass - check! The DJ drops Wrecking Ball - check! A couple dangerously close to bonking in the club - BINGO!

#9 Take a nap with nature

Be one with nature and go camping, lay in the field, put up a hammock, and bring all the essentials you need to escape your everyday life.

#10 Host a Beer Olympics

Beer pong, flip cup, corn hole, any tailgating type of drinking game and make teams of 4 that rotate and play each other until the Beer Olympics champs are crowned!

#11 Go to a drive-in movie

If you can’t park your car in a drive-in, find one of the free outdoor movies that are playing across the country. There's something about being outdoors and watching movies that just isn't right but always works out well.

#12 Meet a celebrity

We're not talking stalker status here but somehow meet a celebrity. These are always great stories to tell and of course you're going to brag all over social media!

#13 Catch something and eat it

Fishing is probably the easiest way to achieve this so take to the deep seas or your nearby lake and grab your fishing pole! For some reason, it tastes better when you catch it and cook it.

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