13 Must-dos to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

While a lifetime bucket list is a good thing to have as well, a summer bucket list is a nice miniature version. Just knowing that you only have a few months to complete a ton of fun activities will give you the encouragement to actually do the list. Every time you have a free day, take out this handy list and cross something off, guaranteeing the greatest summer of your life…and also some pretty awesome Instagram photos.

#7 Organize a bar crawl for your friends around town.

Pick a handful of your favorite local bars and create some games to do at each bar. Here's one: Bar Crawl Bingo - get yourself a bingo card, there are plenty available online or you can make your own, and cross off the events that you witness as you make your way around town. Someone smashes a glass - check! The DJ drops Wrecking Ball - check! A couple dangerously close to bonking in the club - BINGO!


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