10 Best Costumes for Exciting Fancy Dress Parties

College students don’t wait until Halloween to dress up in crazy costumes of funny T-shirts. You’ll have to throw one on when you visit a lot of exciting parties. You want to show up dressed in the best one, which is easy if you know what you’re doing.

You won’t even have to try to make conversations at parties. Everyone will use your costume to start talking to you. It sounds like an awesome way for shy students to make friends. Let’s discuss a few excellent ideas you might like.

1. Banned Book Week

An organization is fighting against books that have been banned in schools. You read in school and you want to rebel, so banned book week costumes would be good for you. Find out exactly which books are on the list and dress up like one of the characters.

2. Sneaky Bank Robber

How much cash do you think you’ll get your hands on in college. Walking around with a bag of fake notes might be the only way to imagine what life will be like in the future. You’ll look good if you paint black stripes on a tight shirt and wear a little mask.

3. Simpsons Character

The Simpsons were the first cartoon with adult content and it’s still hugely popular today. If you want to dress like a Simpsons character you only need to paint your exposed skin yellow. It’s easy to find clothes that match those worn by your favorite character.

4. Miss Universe 2018

Who says you won’t be lucky enough to become Miss Universe in 2018? You won’t get to win the event, but you can dress like you’ve destroyed the competition. You just need to pick up a sash and tiara. Wear your most stunning dress underneath them.

5. Bad Ass Lara Croft

Lara Croft is one of the toughest women in the world, but she is absolutely gorgeous too. Once you’re dressed in her combat gear you’ll feel like you can take on anybody. If you need any inspiration to get into character watch the new Tomb Raider movie.

6. A Delicious Cocktail

Are you old enough to drink alcohol? If not, you can still go as your favorite cocktail. I doubt you stick to soft drinks when you party. This idea is much better if you go with friends. Your dress should represent the cocktail and stick colorful straws in your hair.

7. Captain Jack Sparrow

If you’ve watched Pirates of the Caribbean you’ll know Captain Jack Sparrow looks a bit girly. You would look hot if you tried to dress the same way. Don’t forget to wear dreadlocks even if your hair is long. You don’t need to worry about the face fluff.

8. Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones is the hottest TV show in the world, but it’s going to disappear in a while. If you want to dress like Queen Daenerys Targaryen now is the time to do it. She’s had multiple looks throughout the series, so pick the one you think suits you.

9. Colorful Troll Doll

Troll dolls are one of the most popular toys ever made, so I’m sure you’ll be familiar with them. If you want to dress like one find a skin-colored dress. Now you’ve just got to put on a bright crazy wig. It’s amazing going in a rainbow pack with your friends.

10. Amazonian Princess

I’m sure you’ve seen Wonder Woman because it’s the first blockbuster movie about a female superhero. You’ll know how beautiful Princess Diana of Themyscira looks in her costume. You will have a sword to protect yourself from anyone who tries to get too close.

Wear Different Costumes to Each Party

The ideas we’ve looked at today are fantastic, so wear a different one to each party. You don’t need to stick with the first one you choose. If you can come up with an even better idea use that instead.

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