Feel More Feminine. Tips For Trans Women

Sometimes, trans women are faced with appearing too male and this can a have a huge effect on their self esteem. Some of you probably can’t start hormones yet because of various reasons. But there is ways to help you feel more comfortable in your skin until that happens. 

#1 – Hair

If you are a trans woman then hair can be your best friend. There is many options as to make it feel more feminine to you. You can grow it out long, which can be a slow process for some. But there is the option of a wig. You can choose from any type of wig that you feel like is more you. It has endless styles and colors to pick from. You can also color your hair. 

#2 – Nails

Painting your fingernails! You can express yourself through your nails. Its an awesome and creative way to feel more feminine. If you have girly hands then its just perfect. There are so many colors to use and to mix. Keep them filled and trimmed and your good to go. 

#3 – Accessories And Clothes

Accessories and clothes are the best way to feel feminine. Find a cute sweater, some jeans, and add a necklace or bracelet. Its a cute and simple fall look. There are all sorts of clothes out there for you. Find what you feel comfortable in and go with it. 

#4 – Makeup

Makeup will help you achieve the feminine look that you wish to have. Its very easy to look feminine with makeup. And it makes you feel beautiful, but not that you already are. Piece of advice, get waterproof makeup just in case you go partying. You’ll thank me later. 

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