Do's And Dont's When Talking To A Transgender Person

 There’s a right and a wrong way to communicate with a transgender person. Sometimes these situations can lead to hurtful words and make that trans person feel bad about themselves. If you are someone who doesn’t know what to say or do then here’s some Do’s and Dont’s for you to know.


1. Call them by their chosen name, not birth name.

2. Use the correct pronouns. Ex, Trans Man: he, him, his. Trans Woman: she, her, hers

3. A compliment. Be it their clothes, hair, shoes, or their personality.

4. Make them feel comfortable by considering them as the gender they appear and identify with.


1. Don’t bring up their past as the gender they were before unless they say something or is okay with talking about it.

2. Don’t point out their flaws. If they don’t look entirely like the gender they identify with, then that’s their business. They are comfortable with that look.

3. Don’t make them feel unwanted.

4. Don’t ask them what their gender is. If you are really unsure then ask them in a polite manner.


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