Being LGBTQ In Religious States

Being LGBTQ is hard in society, but we have come a long way for a lot of our rights, and acceptance has grown. But what about those that live in religious states? How do they handle being different in a place where that makes them feel like a threat.

Mississippi, Alabama and other southern states are the most religious in the U.S. This makes LGBTQ people at high risk for discrimination. Earlier this week a law was passed in Mississippi (HB 1523) to allow discrimination against LGBTQ people. With this law, religious people are allowed to refuse service, jobs, marriage licenses, and adoption to LGBTQ individuals.This is still worth fighting against.

You see, it won’t be long until this law is passed in another state. Living in a place where you can’t be yourself is devastating. Everyone deserves a chance to be who they truly are. Religion shouldn’t have a place in saying so. Respecting other’s beliefs is one thing but using it against another person is unmoral.

There are ways to fight things like this peacefully and with love. Embrace your differences and individuality. In the end, we win together.

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