Stardew Valley

Have you ever wanted to shed the shackles of your day-to-day and move to a small town? Have you ever wanted to run your own farm and get rich off the land? Have you ever want to fall in love, get married, have kids, and turn those kids into pigeons when they get to be too much to bear? Do you like gorgeous pixel art? Well then, this is the game for you. 

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator created by ConcernedApe, a one-man team. Created over four years of hard work and testing and, boy, does it show. If you’ve ever played Harvest Moon, then you’ll like this. Made as homage to the Harvest Moon series Stardew Valley is the Harvest Moon for PC, Mac, Linux and the recently released Nintendo Switch. In Stardew Valley, your time is your own. You can build out your farm as efficiently as you’d like and spend your days maximizing profit, or you can focus on strengthening relationships by learning what gifts the townspeople prefer. If fishing is your forte, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from spending entire days in-game fishing your heart out. There’s also a mining and combat section for the adventurer in you, where you can mine ore to upgrade your farm tools and craft objects to streamline the farming process. 

Speaking of the townspeople, Pelican Town, the setting of Stardew Valley, is filled with colorful people with vibrant personalities. Some of them will take a liking to you immediately, and some take time to warm to you. Every one of them is worth taking the time to know. If you’re looking for an escape, Stardew Valley delivers it in spades. Hang out on the beach, talk to villagers, and tend to your farm to the soothing tunes of the game’s soundtrack. You’ll find yourself saying “Just one more day,” for the next few hours at least.

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