Ashton Kutcher (7/7)

IQ: 160

University: University Of Iowa

Ashton has dabbled in everything from modeling to acting to venture capital and the restaurant business. Kutcher lost all scholarships after being arrested in high school for breaking into his school to steal money. Kutcher would eventually enroll at the University of Iowa, his planned major was biochemical engineering; his hope was to find a cure for his fraternal twin brother’s heart ailment.

While at university Ashton was approached by a modeling scout, after winning first in the “Fresh Faces of Iowa” Kutcher dropped out of school and moved to New York to pursue a career in modeling. Since then, Kutcher has become quite the venture capitalist, involved with many startups including Skype, Foursquare, Airbnb and Path. He is co-founder of the venture capital firm A-Grade Investments, was hired by Lenovo as a product engineer, and served as Creative Director of Ooma (a consumer communication product that utilizes VOIP technology).

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