Spring Break? – 5 Safe Sex Tips Every Student Should Know

When you’re heading into spring break, the only thing on your mind is fun, fun, fun. No school, no work and no rules await. But when you’re in the party spirit and (who knows?) maybe hooking with someone, it’s good to remember a few basic safe sex tips. That way you don’t have to head back to school with anything other than great memories and a lingering hangover.

Here are five safe sex tips every student should know:

Stock up on Condoms

The contraceptive pill will protect you from creating a baby but it won’t protect you from contracting an STI. A condom is the safest option. Girls shouldn’t rely on a guy having one to hand. Whether male or female, you should carry condoms with you just in case you end up getting a little cosy with someone. And, remember – condoms sometimes tear or one time might not be enough – so take more than you think you’ll need.  

Keep An Eye Out For Your Friends

Having the back up of your crew can help you to make safer decisions. Everyone should have a charged phone and know how to get home if they need to. Make a deal that no one leaves a club or bar without checking in with someone first. A more sober friend may be better able to assess a situation and persuade you out of doing something you may regret.

Watch Your Drink

Spring breakers have been known to like a drink or two. But exercising a little caution with your alcohol can help you to have safer sex. Know your limits and try not to go too far beyond them. That way you’re more likely to wake up knowing what you’ve done and feeling like you were in control of the situation. You should also always keep your drink with you and watch your drink being poured to avoid the dangers of date rape drugging.

Take a Reality Check

There are countless myths repeated about sex. Doing it standing up, withdrawing before ejaculation or using two condoms do not protect you from an unwanted pregnancy. Other useful things to remember? Only use lube on condoms as body lotions and oils can damage the latex. Only have sex with someone who is sober enough to understand what they are doing. And only do what you are happy doing, not what you think your peer group expects you to do.

Get Tested

Once the fun of spring break is over, it may be worth heading to your local clinic or and getting an STI test. Alternatively, head online to the raTrust and get one sent out to you. Many common STIs don’t always present symptoms but they can have a long term effect on your health and fertility if left untreated. STIs can be spread by oral sex and foreplay as well as penetrative sex so it’s always worth double checking that you have a clean bill of health.  

The craziness of spring break can be lots of fun. Practise safe sex and all you’ll have to worry about is where the next keg is coming from and where the hottest party’s at.

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