Resume Keywords You Should And Shouldn’t Use

On our How To Adult post, we went over how to write a proper resume to get you hired. In this post we are going to list the resume keywords you should be using and shouldn’t be using. Trust me you are going to want to look at this list, because I promise you have that killer keyword in there that you are so proud of, that actually is hurting your image.j

Here it goes. This list of Keywords are thanks to CareerBuilder Survey.

The Good Guys

1. Volunteered

2. Improved

3. Ideas

4. Launched

5. Influenced

6. Resolved

7. Achieved

8. Created

9. Increased/decreased

10. Trained/mentored

11. Negotiated

12. Managed

13. Revenue/profits

14. Under budget

15. Won


The Bad Guys

1. Best of breed

2. Go-getter

3. Think outside of the box

4. Synergy

5. Go-to person

6. Thought leadership

7. Value add

8. Results-driven

9. Team player

10. Bottom-line

11. Hard worker

12. Strategic thinker

13. Dynamic

14. Self-motivate

15. Detail-oriented

16. Proactively

17. Track record

Now go check your resume and make sure you apply an/or remove those keywords.

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