How To Write a Resume the Right Way

In today’s How to Adult post, we are covering how to write a resume the right way, Hopefully that will land you the job you actually want. Whether you are tired of living in your roomate’s house (mom and dad) or looking for something new, your resume says a lot about you. It is the first meeting. A poorly written resume gets tossed before it is even read completely, and an underwhelming one doesnt get the attention you deserve. If you are applying for that Kick ass job, can you afford not to compete with if not stand out from the dozens of other resumes being read? Have no fear we are are to help.

1. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of writing a resume for you to get started.

2. Start with a summary

“Parents know best” works in almost all aspects of your life because they have already been through it. However for resumes, you should probably get your advice somewhere else. Its not their fault, you see back then writing a resume was much different than it is today, No longer do people want to know what you are seeking. Today you need to already let them know what makes you the best person the position.

3. Social Media

This won’t directly be in your resume, but lets be real,  employers today check your social media before hiring you. This is the world we live in today. If your facebook or instagram showcases you as sloppy, you can kiss that interview good bye. CLEAN that up quick!

4. Past work experience

Make sure your past work experience corresponds with the job you want. When it does, make sure you have the following information for every job you have had.

  • Company Name and Website (If Available)
  • Job Position
  • dates of employment: Start and end dates.
  • Job Description: List your day to day responsibilities. If you had responsibilities outside of your job description, list them as well.
  • Achievements: Anything that will make your future employer see value in you, add that. Employers love overachievers and people that have surpassed their goals.

5. Know the job you are applying for

Employers are different from one another, do your research on them to tailor fit your resume to them. your resume for a Tech start ups should be very different from your resume for a financial company.

Does the job description give you the name of the person reviewing your resume? If yes, write the resume for them. Maybe you went to the same school, maybe they love pets. The more info you gather to help you write your resume, the better. This takes longer, but you get what you put in.

6. References

Don’t put your mother as your first reference. Actually don’t put anybody that writes on your social media feed as a reference. Try to get the best references possible, do not settle for any reference.

7. Grammar

Grammar isn’t a deal breaker. Nobody is perfect, you will have some mistakes. Heck, i am positive my article has some grammar or punctuation issues. Have Somenody prrof read your resume, you don’t want it to light up like a christmas tree with mistakes.

8. Keywords

There are words employers love seeing and some that make them cringe. Know the kewords to add to your resume. you can find a list of keywords here

I hope today’s how to adult post helps you get the job you want. Leave any suggestions you may have in our comment section. Also be kind and share this with your friends.


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