Your Health as The Best Investment of Your Time and Money

health investment

We live in a world where every day many people rush to your jobs, work till they drop, come back home completely spent. They eat something, often not very healthy, and go to bad. This routine repeats every single day. And even on weekends they feel so tired that all they do is lying and watching TV all day.

Does that sound familiar to you? If the answer is yes, keep reading.

With time, we start noticing that our health gets poorer, we get sick more often and get old too quickly.

Do you often feel exhausted and lack time to start taking care about yourself? Or maybe you think that your health isn’t that important?

Let’s talk about how health can be your be your best investment in this article.

Health is a Treasure


Health is the precious and fragile gem we have to take care of throughout our lives. However, most of us often forget the necessity of staying healthy and continue to cripple our health in many horrible ways.

For example, the latest statistics shows that one-third of adolescents and two-thirds of adults in the U.S. are considered to be obese. And obesity, as we know, brings high risks of hypertension, many types of cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Yet, many people still continue to disrespect their health, even they are very well familiar with the risks. With our minds being constantly occupied with money and job, we unfortunately learn how not to care of our health very fast.

But maybe instead of spending money on something you don’t really need, you should spend it on your health?

Many doctors claim that staying health is very beneficial for your health, as it can strengthen your heart and lungs, helps to reduce stress and makes us happier in general.

You may feel sarcastic about it, but investing in your health will help you earn more money. Actually, it has been proven that regular exercise and correct diet will can make you more energized and motivated. Hence, you will be able to get more work done to earn more money.

And if this persuades you to start taking care of your health, here are some tips for you on how to successfully invest in your health.

  1. Take an objective look on your relationships

trust in relationship

This is about whether your family or friends motivate or demotivate you to start taking care of your health.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you break up all the relationships that pull you back. It’s not necessary to tell everybody the details. If you see that a person doesn’t share your excitement about being healthier, than this is not the right person to share it with. Remember, you are doing it for yourself!

  1. Be a sound sleeper

baby sleeping

Doctors and health organizations insist that a good night’s sleep is crucial for staying healthy. Want to stay productive throughout the day? Getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night will pay you back very nicely.

The most important thing about healthy sleep though is making it as comfortable as possible. So here’s a good money investment for you: buy yourself a nice bed, matrass and bedding! Very soon you’ll notice the difference!

  1. Make every meal a vitamin booster

healthy heart

Why should you bother making your diet rich in vitamins, if there are lots of multivitamin supplements you can buy at drugstore?

Getting educated about how vitamins work for your body, when you consume them with food is more useful than a random box of cheap supplements from pharmacy.

Learn how vitamins are absorbed by your body and which foods help you to consume more vitamins. Give your body a treat in the form of good food.

  1. Hydration is the key

drinking water

Drinking water is important for our nutrition. But to make it even more useful, educate yourself about how your body processes water. Consuming water is not the same as hydration.

So how can you hydrate your body properly? Try switching to mineral water!

But how much water should you drink? Well, how much water you need to drink is a very personal matter, but in general men need to drink approximately 3 liters of water a day, while women should drink 3 liters for proper hydration.

  1. Exercise, even at work

bicycle exercise

Sitting is the new smoking. Not to mention that people smokers smoke cigarettes less often, than we spend sitting in front of the TV or computer.

If you’re at work, take a break every half an hour and just walk around the office for 12 minutes. But remember that if you really want to improve your health, you should exercise regularly. An evening run or a morning 15-minute exercise will absolutely transform your body and mind!

  1. Give up bad habits

alcohol meme

Are you a heavy smoker or often enjoy an occasional drink? If you pursue being health, try to give up you bad habits.

Now, it may seem hard or even impossible to achieve, but remember what your major goal is. And this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a glass of wine, this actually be very good for your health.

But there’s no need to drink so much alcohol that will leave you struggling with a hangover the next day. Remember that everything is good in moderation.

However, there’s nothing good about smoking. So this one you should definitely leave behind. If you’re a teenager or a young adult, remember that smoking will seem not that cool if it gives you lung cancer. Not only you harm your health, you also…”gerHYPERLINK “” others.

  1. Change Eating Habits

Hippocrates once said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. There’s the greatest truth behind those words.

We often ask our doctors how we can prevent ourselves from getting sick. And often the answer is keeping the diet. Train your power of will by refusing to eat fast food, junk food and stop drinking soda. Everybody knows that fat foods increase the amount of cholesterol in our blood, which inevitably leads to heart disease.

And the most important – stop eating sugar-rich foods! This might be very disappointing if you’re a sweet-tooth, but the negative effects of eating food with added sugar have been proven many times. Buy yourself some fruit instead – this will not only provide your body with healthy vitamins, but will prolong your life as well!

Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at Bestessaytips. He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. You can reach him at G+ or Facebook.


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