Sculpt Die-Hard Delts With This 8-Minute Workout

Sculpt die-hard delts with this 8-minute workout. Light loads can go along way when training your delts. This workout consists of three different shoulder exercises that target the delts from differing angles. It’s a delt workout, not an ego workout, so keep the weights light. With no rest between sets the fatigue will build up quickly, so Scott recommends 10 to 20-pound dumbbells. Perform the exercises below in the order listed for 40 seconds each with no rest:
1a. Dumbbell lateral raise
1b. Dumbbell overhead framer’s walk
1c. Dumbbell front raise
That’s 1 round. Perform 4 total rounds. #MHFit #Fitness #JeremyScott #Delts #DeltWorkout #Train #Sweat

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