Relaxation Techniques for A Full On Zen Mode

Stress is an everyday component of everyone’s lives. And what’s worse, most of the time it appears as a result of other people’s actions or things you can’t even predict. There are many persons out there that are very good at coping with stress and anxiety. They find the perfect mechanisms to loosen up without needing that extra help. But also there are the ones that simply get overwhelmed by anxiety and have difficulty in getting their emotional health together. Luckily there are many relaxation techniques you can try, to get rid of those bad emotions.

When you are stressed, your body goes through significant changes that can actually take a toll on your health. By relaxing your blood pressure lowers, your heart rate returns to normal, muscles relax and the breathing becomes slower. When you start practicing relaxation techniques, you’ll notice that all of the above will happen much faster. That’s why if you are under stress you should try out one of the ways to relax without too much effort.

How to Find the Right Technique?

Every single one of us has a different way to unwind. Some love listening to music while others prefer to stay in silence. You’ll find a number of relaxation techniques, but not all will work for you. You can always try out several different ones until you find the one that actually does the job. If you prefer being in a group, you can always sign up for a class, where you’ll do everything with the support of other people. The three techniques below are also the most popular ones. They do wonders for a number of people, plus they are extremely simple.

Deep Breathing

It might sound funny to many, but the breathing technique is the oldest one around. By learning to control your breathing, you control all of the other functions that are out of order. In the beginning, you will really need to concentrate and practice how to do deep breathing. You can do it literally anywhere, with or without other people around you. You can also combine it with other techniques with time. The whole point is to learn how to take deep breaths each time you feel stressed. These breaths provide the body with a lot of oxygen. Always breathe from the abdomen and breathe as deeply as you can.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Another very popular way to unwind. The whole point is to practice tensing and relaxing your muscles so that later you can recognize easily when they are actually tensing. During stressful situations, muscles tend to tense all over the body, without you even realizing. By practicing with your muscles, you’ll later be able to notice when a part of your body tenses under pressure. That is when you’ll immediately know that you need to relax. Just like the previous one, the progressive muscle relaxation can be combined with other techniques. It is extremely easy to practice. You should do it on different muscle groups

Mindful Meditation

This technique is currently a huge hit among people. Since the body and mind are closely connected they share a special bond. The way of healing the body is sometimes the mind. This meditation will stimulate you to have only positive thoughts and to understand that you live in the present. It is often used to relieve anxiety and stress. The important thing with mindful meditation is to only think about the moment you’re living in, without overthinking about the past or future. All you need is a quiet spot and 10 minutes of your time.

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