Perfecting the Push Press

Perfecting the Push Press. I just started working the push press back into my routine and I thought I’d share some really helpful tips in case you do it or would like to try it. The push press is basically a quarter squat into overhead press and you use your hips and thighs to help drive the weight overhead. In terms of benefits, it’s great for developing the shoulders and triceps and training counter-movement to rapid extension of the knees and hips. Studies have actually shown this to be a great move for increasing vertical jump. It can also help you get used to heavier loads to improve your strict overhead press.

The first tip is to use an @mbslingshot hip circle (or mini-band) wrapped above your knees. I first saw this tip from Kelly Starrett of @mobilitywod. This will force you to push your knees out and drive through your hips more while still keeping your trunk upright. One of the big form faults with push presses is jamming the knees too far forward.

The second tip is to use a grip that’s right in-between what you’d use for a strict overhead press and a front squat. You need enough of a shoulder shelf so that the bar doesn’t roll forward as you dip down, but not too much as you need to quickly move into a stable pressing position. The third and final tip is to start with a weight you can strict overhead press for at least 10 reps and do sets of 5 reps focusing on form, technique, and max power. Treat each rep like it’s a single. Then progressively build the load up from there from session to session. @bjgaddour

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