Five Crazy, Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Tea

Everyone is familiar with the amazing benefits of tea. There isn’t a single person in the world that doesn’t like it. It has so many great tastes and aromas you can choose from. In the same time, it is extremely beneficial for your health in many different ways. You are probably drinking it several times a week, but have you thought about how and when tea was first discovered. You probably haven’t. This drink might sound like a boring one, but there’s plenty of fun details and facts connected to it. 

We are talking about the second most popular drink in the world, that tops everything except water. And there are hundreds of good reasons to support its popularity. Imagine a life without tea to keep you warm in winter and to cool you off in summer.

Five Crazy, Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Tea plantations

Tea Was Discovered by Accident

The legend says that tea was first discovered way back by a Chinese Emperor. Shen-Nung found out the tea exist by accident in 2737 B.C. He had a pot of boiling water when several leaves of tea fell into the pot. His servants didn’t really notice the leaves and served the emperor a cup of tea. He happened to really enjoy it and the rest is history. It’s quite an amazing story. What happens next is even more fun. The British actually stole tea from China. Until the 19th century, the largest portion of tea was produced and grown in China. It was then when British people started stealing and smuggling it from there and taking it to other countries. That is how this miraculous herb spread to other places, but up until today, China stays the highest producing tea country.

Teabags Were First Introduced in the Early 1900s

It wasn’t until the early 1900s when teabags were first discovered. Until then, people have been drinking tea for quite a while, but they still didn’t know they can pack it in small bags. Just like the discovery of the herb, teabags were also invented completely by accident. According to many, Thomas Sullivan is the one responsible for this life-changing discovery. He decided to pack his tea samples in small silk pouches and sent them to his customers. Most of them thought they weren’t supposed to empty the herbs from the teabags and they put the pouches inside the boiling pot of water. That is when Thomas got the idea he can actually make usable bags.

Five Crazy, Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Tea

Tea Contains More Caffeine Than Coffee

It is completely true that tea contains more caffeine than coffee. But this caffeine doesn’t have the same effect on your body. Since tea is rich in antioxidants, they will control the process of caffeine absorption. In other words, you avoid all the negative effects that caffeine in coffee will give you.

It Takes 2,000 Leaves to Make One Pound of Tea

You were probably thinking that you can actually get tea from several leaves. The truth is that you need 2,000 tiny leaves to make just one pound of tea. This herb grows in the wild, but it is also commonly farmed. You can find the best tea in very high places. One bush of tea has to grow for around three years before you can try and harvest it.

Ice Tea Was Introduced in 1904

Until 1904 the world had no idea that ice tea exists. Can you imagine a life where there is no ice tea? This was the idea of Richard Blechunden, who was taking a part in a tea exhibition. But because of the extremely hot water, Richard got the idea to create a cold beverage for the visitors. That is when he added a lot of ice cubes in his tea and made everyone happy.


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