Fast Healthy Ways to Get Over A Cold

There isn’t a single medicine for a speedy cold recovery. But there is a number of things you can do to make the healing faster and easier. We all know how awful it is to fight a cold or the flu. Once you’re sick all you can do is make it go faster and ease the symptoms. Here is your ultimate guide to getting back to normal with the healthiest possible steps.

Get Some Rest

When you’re sick, you should always start the recovery process with some rest. Instead of going to work or school, try staying at home and in bed. Your body is fighting the cold with all of its defense mechanisms, so it can use all the rest it can get. During these days any activity can only make things harder for you. You can sleep in a bit later, stay in bed all day and catch up with all the series you’ve missed and even go to sleep earlier than usual. Avoid physical activities because you really need to save your energy.


Make sure that you drink enough liquids. Tea is the best way to go. If you are not a huge fan of tea, you can always make yourself a juice. Water should be your best friend when you’re fighting the cold. If the symptoms include a congested nose, the chances are you will have to breathe through the mouth and have a dry oral cavity. When you hydrate properly, the liquids can make the mucus thinner and it will be easier for you to breathe. It also prevents being dehydrated with headaches. Hot beverages can be very soothing for a sore throat. Some people really enjoy a cup of hot water with lemon. Bubbly drinks, coffee, and alcohol should not be on your list. Opt for either hot tea or healthy juices.

Hot Bath

Hot baths are the ideal thing for a full body recovery. You can indulge yourself in a steaming bath or shower. The steam fights a sore throat and it will also help with the congestion. Another way to go is a long bath with essential oils or Epsom salt. The Epsom salt has a number of proven health benefits, plus it will provide you with a full body detox. That is just the thing you need to fight a cold. All of your muscles will relax and you’ll feel much better within minutes.

Eat Honey

Honey is a natural way to fight a bad cough. This sweet substance is not only delicious but also very healthy. Only one tablespoon will make things much better. There’s plenty of research that shows the effect of honey on fighting a sore throat. So when you have a cold with coughing and sensitive throat just get your honey jar and a tablespoon. Another great advice is to add it to your hot water with lemon. That way you’ve got the best immune-boosting drink.

Eat Garlic

This is the ultimate immune booster you need in your life. And you shouldn’t only practice eating it when you’re fighting a cold. It has very strong antiviral and antibacterial effects that will help your body to a fast recovery. Garlic is a known natural cold remedy from way back, even when people didn’t have over-the-counter medicine. You can feel free to add it to your everyday meals and you’ll notice that you won’t get the flu or cold as often as before. There’s plenty of delicious recipes that include garlic, so don’t hesitate before adding it to your shopping list.

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