Why You Should Consider Your Sleeping Position and Posture When

What kind of mattress material would be suitable for you depends on many factors including what type of comfort you want, whether you have body pain and even your sleeping posture. Although most of us are aware of the first two factors, often, we tend to overlook the last aspect that could lead to wrong selection.

Although we might have different sleeping positions, the predominant position during the night helps to decide the type of mattress that would be most suitable. Before you go shopping for mattresses, consider what kind of a sleeper you are. How you could relate the sleeping postures to the selection of mattresses would become apparent upon reading this article.

What back sleepers should consider

Since the sleeping posture affects the musculoskeletal system of the body, you must understand which part of the body needs the most support from the mattress. For those who sleep on their backs with the face towards the sky, it is likely that they experience pain on the back and the spine because the spine suffers the maximum strain when you are sleeping. Using a spring mattress could aggravate the problem although the initial feeling could be pleasing and comfortable.

The sleeping position indicates that your back needs more support for which a mattress that offers medium degree of firmness with some amount of softness to give a plush feeling would be most suitable. Avoid the lure of greater softness because the firm support should be much more than what other sleeping positions would require.  Once you know the type of support you need, it becomes easy to narrow down the search and locate the right material.

Consideration for side sleepers

Those who sleep on their side are the luckiest ones because this is the healthiest sleeping position. While this position is ideal during pregnancy, it also provides relief from acid reflux. Better blood circulation and less pressure on your lungs are the other health benefits that you derive by sleeping on the side. It also helps those who have the habit of snoring that increases when you sleep on your back. For side sleepers, especially who experience pain in the hips and shoulders, spring mattresses would be of no use, as it cannot release the pressure points across the body. Medium to soft memory foam mattresses that support the hips, shoulders and partially the spine like the ones that figure in the Memory Foam Talk Top 10 list would be the appropriate choice.

Stomach sleepers – what they need

If you are a stomach sleeper, who enjoys sleeping upside down, then you are practicing the most unhealthy sleeping position. The maximum strain passes on to the spine when you are sleeping in this position and never should you use spring coil mattress. Like back sleepers, mattresses that offer the right proportion of firm support and softness would be the right choice for you.

Although the choice of mattress is a matter of personal preference, you should never compromise on the functional aspects that promote good health.

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