Annoying Things about Periods

Periods are the fewer things that women look forward to. Well unless you want to see if you’re pregnant or not. Anyways, that’s not the point. Periods are annoying. There are a few reasons why females dread them.

  • Always come on during the wrong time: It always seems like your period wants to come on when you don’t want it to. For example, you have a trip coming up and your period comes on during the trip instead of before. I swear our periods know how to ruin our fun.
  • Bleeds through clothes: Even when you have on a tampon or pad your period blood finds a way to leak through your clothes. That’s why it is best to wear dark jeans when your period is on. Most of the time when the blood bleeds through your clothes you’re not aware of the spot on your bottoms. Unless you constantly check your butt to make sure everything looks fine.
  • Mood Swings: As a female, our hormones are all over the place during our cycle. That’s why we act “crazy.” First, we are full of attitude then wants to murder anyone that bothers us. Next, we are an emotional wreck. I blame it on those awful cramps that we feel.
  • CRAMPS: Cramps feel like the closest thing to death. As women, we are strong to handle the pain it puts us through. To tell you the truth sometimes pain medicine seems like it doesn’t stop cramps. Cramps are so EVIL!

Men are lucky they don’t have periods. They will never understand why women hate periods until they experience it themselves. We all know that won’t ever happen. Periods will never go away. Ladies, let’s thank God, our periods do come on monthly because I know some of us have pregnancy scares. I guess you can say we have a love and hate relationship with periods.


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