Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Coffee

Gather coffee addicts. I’ve got some amazing facts about your go-to drink. The world actually runs on coffee. Starting from working people and tired students, everyone needs that extra push in the morning. Imagine the world without this magical drink. Every single person would be grumpy and tired all the time if this beverage didn’t exist. There are literally no words to express the importance of coffee. So many people depend on the help of this drink to get through every work day and do it with efficiency. There are also people that are not huge fans, but still, do drink it from time to time.

The thing is that we drink it every single day, but there’s plenty of fun facts that you don’t know about it. So tag along the drive, and find out some interesting things about your favorite beverage below. It doesn’t matter if it’s cappuccino, latte or espresso, we are all addicts.

Coffee Is the Second Most Traded Commodity in The World

Yes, you read it right. The amazing coffee beans are the second most traded commodity in the whole wide world. Oil is the single thing that beat coffee to the chase. According to research there’s more than 25 million workers and farmers that are involved in the production of the beans in the world. The biggest producers are Africa and South America, with large number of workers employed in the process. Brazil is the country that delivers the most coffee. Currently the United States and Europe are leading the pack, as the two largest consumers on earth. The process of production is very hard and requires a lot of work. So you have to know that those millions of people that work hard day and night are doing it so that you can have that hot cup in the morning.

Coffee Grows as Berries

Plenty of people are not aware of how actually coffee looks like in the early stages. It comes from beans, that grow on trees. In the beginning, they are green, and soon turn red. There are two types of beans: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is the most popular type in the world, and according to many the most quality one. The thing is that Robusta is much more bitter than the Arabica and not all people prefer that taste. It contains 50% more caffeine than the Arabica type. Over 70% of the coffee in the world is Arabica.

Coffee Was Discovered in 800 A.D.

The first time that people became aware of its existence, it was in 800 A.D. in Ethiopia. Some farmers and goat herders saw that the beans and berries had a very strange effect on their goats. They actually boosted their energy levels. So that is when a monk decided to experiment with the plant and see what that drink would taste like. He instantly noticed that the beverage kept him awake. In 1000 A.D. a number of Arab traders discovered the berries in Africa and took them home.

Coffee Can Have Great Health Effects

According to research coffee can lower the risks of depression, diabetes type 2, endometrial cancer, breast cancer and more. There have been plenty of studies throughout the years that investigated the effects that this drink has on our general health. A lot of them discovered that drinking this beverage can lower the risks of diabetes type 2 up to 25%, the risks of depression up to 20%, endometrial cancer up to 8% and also breast cancer. Now you have a number of other reasons why to drink coffee.

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