9 Must Have Gym Bag Essentials

There are a number of things I personally think everyone both male and female would benefit from if they had them in their gym bags at all times.

These are a collection of things that are easily bought and offer a whole new gym experience. In fact, most of the items I mention I would not even think about turning up to the gym without knowing I have them with me.

  • Wireless Ear/ Headphones: 

Yes, any headphones will work but for me, wireless is a clear winner. It’s important that when you’re in the gym you stay focused and motivated, music helps with that. It helps you get in the mood and completely and utterly pumped for your workout. For me, I couldn’t do a session without some form of music, and to be honest I wouldn’t want to. This is why I always make sure in my gym bag there are both a wired and wireless set of earphones/ headphones.

  • Large 1lr + Water Bottle: 

I emphasise the size here solely as I have tried working out with smaller sizes and it’s extremely distracting having to go re-fill your water halfway through a workout because you’ve run out. It’s better to be prepared and bring a big enough size to last you the whole way through.

  • Pre-Workout: 

Now, this is something that people take differently. Some may take it at home before setting off, some on the way and some whilst warming up. All that doesn’t matter. I believe you should still have at ALL times, a small back up supply somewhere in your gym bag. This is preparing you for those days where you forgot to take/ bring it. By having it always in your bag you will never have to work out without. Unless you don’t use or need it then disregard what was just said.

  • A Charger: 

This could be a charger for either your phone or your iPod or whatever else you listen to music on. There should always be a charger in your bag for those days your working out and you suddenly run out of battery and regrettably run out of music. Which is an instant mood killer!

  • Snacks: 

Hunger is a problem, especially as your lifting weights. Of course, it’s weird to pull out food in between sets. That’s why I suggest always keeping some form of simple carbs on hand. Whether that be a packet of sugary sweets, rice cakes, breakfast bars etc. This ensures you can complete your workout without getting too distracted on hunger pains whilst keeping you hyped up and full of energy.

  • Weight Lifting Belt: 

This is my absolute favourite thing, especially on heavy squat days. I can’t remember the last time I had a good squat session without using my belt. It’s something that if you are lifting with the purpose of building strength and increasing the weight you should always have at hand when performing squats. There are various belts available but I recommend the Inzer belt. This belt is a champion in the weight room, sturdy and durable. It’s also the most comfortable and reliable.  

  • Lifting Chalk: 

Just like the belt for squatting, I preach using lifting chalk for deadlifts. This stuff is magic. Ensuring that you can focus more on your form rather than if your grip is going to hold. This stuff makes the world of difference when hitting heavyweights.

  • A Hoodie: 

This item isn’t essential by all means but for me, it’s one to consider. I recommend always having a hoodie at hand in your gym bag for those days where you get to the gym and its colder than usual. You really want to make sure all your muscles are warmed up and pumped before you go into any type of lift. A hoodie helps you achieve this easier. (As well as being great for keeping you sweaty during cardio).

  • External Battery Pack:

This item goes hand in hand with the charger. I feel as though you should always have a battery pack of some kind in your bag just in case you run out of juice for your music and there are no mainline sockets. It’s always better to be prepared.

So, as you can see above are my 9 gym bag essentials that I practice and preach. These items are forever in my bag allowing me to be forever prepared. Now, of course, you don’t have to have all of the items I’ve listed but it would be beneficial for you to include those that relate to you and your workout needs.

I hope it helps you become better prepared for your gym sessions and leaves you with the feeling of accomplishment.

Stay motivated,

Life Of Sandy.

Blog: www.lifeofsandy.com

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