8 Health Hacks That Help You Calm Nerves

And Manage Stress


Daily life lends itself to increasing amounts of stress and trying to juggle work, family, and a social life can leave you increasingly anxious. While it can feel like you need more hours in the day, or even a clone of yourself to get everything you need to done, the truth is that there are some simple tools that can help you stay on top of life. You can’t live while constantly worried about everything you need to deal with, and should explore the tips that can lead to a happy life as soon as you start to feel like pressure gets too much.

For some people, finances cause seemingly unsurmountable nerves, while for others the pressure from work gets too much, and an amazing amount of people feel stress as a result of pressure to keep up with their friends and the people they see on social media. Being expected to have a perfect figure, great relationship, job success, full social life, healthy diet, and 8 hours of sleep every night is just not always attainable – and the following health hacks help you accept that, appreciate what you have, and feel calm and ready to tackle the day.

Eat The Right Food

So many people associate eating a healthy diet with eating to lose weight – when they are actually completely different concepts. There are plenty of people who eat well for other reasons, for example their long term health, or even their mental health. It’s entirely possible to eat your way into feeling calmer, and more on top of your negative emotions. The first step is to ditch junk food, and food that leaves you feeling temporarily great, but crashing soon after, such as sugary drinks, crisps, chocolate, or white bread. The second step is by adding foods that are known to release happy hormones, that trigger a calm response in your brain. These foods include honey, mangos, or a  chocolate. Having something crunchy to hand, like carrots or celery has also been shown to help relieve stress.

Drink The Right Things Regularly

Everyone knows they need to drink more water – it’s time to start putting that advice into practice. Water will leave your skin glowing, but also help keep away unhealthy cravings. Your brain needs water to work properly, so drinking at your desk can help you stay focused all day at work, and able to get through a lot more of your to-do list, and feel more organised. Drinking green tea is also a great habit to adopt, as it improves your metabolism and general health, as well as releasing soothing chemicals that relieve feelings of anger.

Explore Writing

Keeping a journal or posting an update to a blog is a great way to improve your mental health. First, writing everything down helps you release all of your negative emotions, and second, you can really keep track of the things that bother you and watch how you grow as a person. Writing might be an entirely new idea for many people who haven’t really put pen to paper since they left the classroom, however there are many places to get support. There are many, many e-courses and videos available with educational services like academized  or any online library.

It’s also entirely possible to have an editor or proofreader look over your work if you do decide to post it to a blog or share your work with people or to sell your writings to an Big Assignments. You can also easily set targets for how much you want to write with Word Count, and if you’re not confident enough to have a person read over your work, you can run it through Grammar Check to make sure your writing is great, and that you’re improving. Just writing a little every day can make you much more self-aware and in control of your feelings

Take A Chance On Meditation

Meditating is a great way to manage your stress and nerves. These feelings most often spiral out of control when we try to bury them deep down, and hope if they’re ignored, they will go away. This absolutely does not work, while meditating for a few minutes a day allows all of the negative feelings you’ve been harbouring to surface, so you can deal with them and move on. You’ll be less bogged down by your stress and nerves after giving this a try.

Chew Some Gum

Cortisol in your system can lead to anxiety, and chewing gum reduces your cortisol. While this could be tricky for anyone working in customer service, chewing on some gum for a few minutes can help massively calm your nerves.

Use Your Hands To Relax

While touching yourself at work to relax may sound like a disastrous idea, a small self-massage can actually do wonders for your stress levels. Squeezing your fingertips is a great way to focus and get rid of a tension heading, while thoroughly applying hand lotion can also help you calm down.Use a

Stress Ball

While it might sound obvious, squeezing on a stress ball is genuinely a great way to relax and get on top of stress when you’re infuriated.

Enjoy Some Sunshine

There is a lot of truth to the old wives tale that bad weather gets you down, so heading outside when the sun shines is a really easy way to feel more positive.

All of the tips above will lead to you tackling your stress and nerves, and living a healthier, happier life.

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