5 Best Sleeping Apps You’ll Want To Download

These days everyone has problems with getting quality sleep. Thankfully, there are so many amazing sleeping apps these days that can help you in more than one ways. All of these phone apps are super-beneficial and it’s worth giving them a try.

Sleep Cycle

Meet the app of your dreams. If you have trouble sleeping or you are not happy with the quality of your sleep, this application will change your life. It includes numerous options you’ll find useful. First, you’ll need to choose the time when you wake up. In your phone’s microphone, there is a sensor which detects movements that you make during the sleep. Thanks to this, Sleep Cycle will get all the information it needs and create a chart. The chart delivers information on when you should wake up. This is a perfect time, which the app will show to you. It analyzes the REM, light and deep sleep in order to estimate the ideal wake up moment. The most interesting part is that you actually set a 30-minute window on when you want to be up. If you’re still not convinced, the most surprising fact is that the app will track the quality of sleep, snoring, and more.


If you want a detailed chart of the quality of your sleep, Pillow is one of the best sleeping apps to get. Just like Sleep Cycle, this application tracks sounds and motions during the sleeping time, so that it can create an insight of many characteristics. There are options which will help you set up the time you want to wake up, short and long naps, and more. Pillow shows your heart rate, light, deep sleep, and REM as well. You can also connect it with your Apple Health app so that you can even introduce positive changes in your life. If you include information such as coffee intake, physical activity, weight, alcohol, you can find out whether all these factors have an impact on your sleep.


Pzizz is one of those amazing free sleeping apps that are popular even among stars. Unlike Pillow and Sleep Cycle, this one will help you go to sleep. It uses a number of techniques that have proven to be extremely useful. These are sounds called ‘dreamscapes’, a mix of different effects, music, and voice. There is a special option ‘focuscapes’, which actually can improve your focus, and keep your mind concentrated. This is perfect for times when you need to study or work. You can set the sounds to play for a certain amount of time and there are both women’s and men’s voices to choose from. The whole music is very calming and mind-soothing.


Digipill is an app worth downloading. It promises to take care of your stress, sleeping problems, bad focus, even weight loss. This app uses digipills of around half an hour. These sessions are made of sounds that are calming, and promote better memory, anxiety-free life, quality sleep and more. With the free download, the app offers you a free pill. From there on you can purchase more to your needs. There are different digipills that are meant for different problems. It’s extremely easy to use, which is a big plus.


Recolor is a coloring book for adults. The app delivers more than 1,000 pictures you can color on and relax. It is already proven that this is a very calming activity which has a meditative effect. There are so many options, so you can work on different images every day. By lowering the anxiety and stress, the app will help you go to sleep faster.

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