Some Running Jokes From Old School Gaming

They’ve been around for a long time

A big part of popular culture presently is the gamers. The video game culture has become a big part of what is considered “normal” in this day and age. But while present-day jokes have their mass appeal when things get mentioned. The gaming generation goes back decades and has running jokes and gags of their own. So here is some explanation of what the 80’s generation are joking about from the days of the old Nintendo Entertainment System

Konami Code

Up, Up, Down, Down, B, A, B, A, Start. It was a secret code entered into certain games to activate cheats. The games were by a company called Konami who were a big name of popular video games back in the day. My Favorite game was the original Contra. Konami was so big and had a lot of games, and used this code in just about all of them in some way. The code of pressing certain buttons in the right order stuck around and got a reputation as “THE Cheat Code”,  A popular Youtube series by wrestler Xavier  Woods is called “Up,Up,Down,Down” in reference to this code that the older school gamers know since they were little gamers on the new technology


It’s kind of a running gag that if you blow really hard on a game, that it will clean it and improve its playability. This came from the old plastic cartridges. The idea was if you blew on the bottom side with the exposed electronics, you blow away any dust or particles that got in the way of the connection. In reality, this was often frowned on and blowing could introduce extra moisture that could rot away the components and ruin the game anyway. There actually WAS an official NES cleaning kit, but not that many of us used it and very few of us gamers could get it.

“All Your Base Are Belong To Us”

A quote from the early 90’s that caught on nowadays as an internet meme. It comes from the game Zero Wing from 1991. The game is known for its godawful English translation that was so poorly done, it is laughable. While the original is in Japanese, somewhere along the translation process things got a little murky and the English version of the game featured gems like that one. The animations and the bad English translation have caught on as an example of perfect gaming Engrish.

Button Mashing

It comes largely from fighting games. While many may think of the Mortal Kombats and Street Fighter type fighting games, there were button mashers back then too. Button Mashing is the syle were you can go in two different directions as you play. You can press the buttons in the exact order at the exact time and come out looking like a ninja and a master at doing that stuff. The other method is just hitting buttons like you are having a seizure and not care about timing. Although it is associated with fighting games the most, it can come up in all styles of games. I’ve seen it in fighting games, wrestling games, shooting games, and bombing simulators. In games with guns and such, it would be close to “spray and pray.”


One of the “bad guys” from the 1989 Fred Savage/Nintendo movie “The Wizard.” He was an arrogant gamer who was going to win the Nintendo game championships. He is best remembered for being the one to introduce The Power Glove in the movie and saying that “It’s so Bad”. I had a Power Glove because of that movie and yes, it was. The character was played by actor Jackey Vinson, who as word has it, ran afoul of the law and never really became big outside of that one internet meme.

The Power Glove

A Nintendo device that was introduced in The Wizard. It was an actual glove that acted like a game controller. It involved a lot of programming and was notoriously difficult for kids to handle. It wasn’t cheap either and as someone who bought into the hype of one of those, it was a colossal waste of money. Although the cords are often pulled out, the Power Glove is often featured in movies and shows to represent old-school gaming.

Those are some of the things people of the NES generations grew up on and things we find funny over and over again. Look into it if you don’t know what you are reading about and join in on the fun!

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