Nintendo Makes Mario a Plumber Again

Yeah, this will take some explanation.

The character has been known to video game fans around the world for decades. It is one of those stories that people seem to know even if they don’t play Mario brothers games. Kind of like Superman or Batman’s backstory. Everyone just seems to know about the Italian guy and his brother who were plumbers who got sucked into a warp that brought them to a magical kingdom to rescue a princess from a large dragon-like monster. It’s a story I’ve known most of my life and I bet a lot of you out there know it too.

But last year Nintendo itself decided through fans for a bit of a loop by inferring that Mario had long ago given up the plumber trade by updating his official bio on Nintendo’s site by saying that Mario “long ago it seems he used to work as a plumber.”

That little blurb sent Nintendo fans in a confused tizzy as people wondered, “If Mario hasn’t been a plumber all this time, what has he been doing?” with the image of him loafing off the Princess in the Mushroom Kingdom for the last 3 decades.  Sure, he’s rescued the Mushroom Kingdom a bazillion times, Drempt about saving the Mushroom Kingdom, and even teamed up with his mortal enemy to save the Kingdom. But this little blurb did bring up the question since people just assumed he was a plumber in the Mushroom Kingdom too.

But when you think about it, in all the Mario games that have been released over the years. how many toilets and sinks did you actually see, despite the presence of numerous disconnected pipes that seemed to be everywhere?

Don’t think about that too hard.

Anyway, with news from the Official Nintendo site that Mario wasn’t a plumber anymore (and no mention of going to medical school either)  Japanese Twitter users had an interesting theory that in a world where giant gold coins seem to be around every turn, that he just didn’t need to work anymore. That is actually a sensible idea in trying to make real-world sense out of a fictitious story.

And while Nintendo fans the world over were creating really imaginative explanations (and as a fiction author myself, I give them credit for these ideas) Nintendo itself finally brought an end to the confusion and speculation when they recently updated Mario’s profile to include the line “He’s a plumber by trade, but that’s not all he can do.”

So there. Mario actually does have a job. One of the world’s most well-known heroes of the video game age earns his living with a plunger elbow deep in Koopa poop.

They also make mention in the bio of his love for Princess Peach with “He loves Princess Peach, so whenever she gets into trouble, he’s ready to spring into action and save her.” which is really touching to still know if you are into that kind of thing.

Sure, this could have all been just an advertising ruse to create interest in the Mario character, or it could have just been an oversite in a miswritten bio that someone okayed at the home office in Japan. But whatever the cause or any sort of intent, this showed that the Mario mythos is still popular and well known around the world.

Source: Soranews24


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