Look Out Mario Fans! Nintendo shows us Koopa Peach!

Bowsette? Nintendo shows art of Koopa Peach

Loads of video gamers on Twitter and other online fan communities have seen the recent explosion of fan art from the Super Mario games in a fan-created character in Bowsette. Bowsette comes from the idea that the Mushroom Crown that Toadette uses to turn into a perfect Princess Peach clone named Peachette will have the same ability on other characters including the longtime villain of the series, Bowser. Thus creating different versions of art and cosplay of a large and evil princess fan character.

One of the questions that came about from this madness from Mario fans was “Would Nintendo ever make Bowsette official?” and seeing how the idea was originally created by an artist named haniwa it looked like there either would be a monster-sized deal made with Nintendo, or the concept would never be official at all, for fear of legal action.

But as it is with the character of Bowsette changing from one form to another, it looks like Nintendo has an official version of the idea after all.

Nintendo released a book called “The Art of Super Mario Odyssey”. It is a book that features concept art of the Super Mario game for the Nintendo Switch. In it, there is a short concept comic of Koopa using his own version of Odyssey’s Fusion Cap to merge himself and The Princess into one. Out of that, we get Koopa Peach.

While to some it may look like Nintendo trying to hitch a ride on the Bowsette trend, the book itself was released on September 28th, about a week after haniwa released their first illustration of Bowsette. So unless there was some REALLY secretive stuff going on (which doesn’t look like the case) this was just a case of lucky timing.

As with Bowsette, fan art of Koopa Peach has also started to flourish in the fandom. Although it is in its early stages and the book only seems to be in Japan, the concept of “Nintendo’s Bowsette” seems to be catching on with fans around the world. Here’s hoping that the Koopa Peach concept grows and we see more from the fans. Just as we did with the Bowsette character a short time ago.

But this new idea brings about the same question as did Bowsette. Will Nintendo do anything with the Koopa Peach idea? It is theirs to do whatever they want without a lot of the threat of legal action against them if they do. The Super Mario Odessy game has been released for a few years, but this is Nintendo and their marquee game title so there WILL be more from the Mario Brothers down the road. All the “What ifs” that were used for Bowsette can now be applied to Koopa Peach. A Mario Kart of Super Smash Brothers release in the future? An appearance in a more traditional Mario Brothers game down the road? Their own game perhaps? Who knows what they could do with the idea.

And going along with that idea, would they change the backstory of the character as well?  It’s a bit of jumping ahead in the thinking, but seeing as the idea was created in a Mario Odessey comic that never got released, would Nintendo change the origin of the character to match up with a different game? Would Koopa Peach be spun off into their own person instead of just being a merge of Princess Peach and Koopa? No matter how you look at it, there is a lot to consider in this idea.

Fans will have to see IF anything is done officially with the character, and then wonder what the game company would do if they take the idea and run with it.

Yes. I made that in WWE 2K18

Meantime, just like with the Bowsette creations, I am just going to enjoy the fan-created art, Cosplay costumes, and whatever else they may arise from this little Gem Nintendo has released.

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