Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview

Role Actions

The shared role abilities chosen for the melee Jobs are a mix of “Awesome!” and… “Whaaa?”. The first is good old Second Wind which you will be able to pick at level 8. It has been boosted a bit to 500 potency, with the same cooldown. Arm’s Length is the ability you will receive at level 12. This creates a barrier around you that inflicts a 30% slow on any enemy that attacks you, for 15 seconds. Because of the PvP changes, this ability is probably not available in PvP which means it is intended for PvE use. What could we do with it? Well, there are a couple of times where Melee has to tank an add (A12S, I am looking at you) so if this works, it could help in those rare situations. At level 16 all Melee roles receive their stun in Leg Sweep. The interesting change for this ability is that it now deals no damage and has a 40 second cooldown, with presumably no traits to shorten it. This should make sure that it is not just off-GCD fodder to deal more damage, and may point to a need for more precise CC timing in PvE content.

Diversion is next at level 20. The ability is basically Quelling Strikes, reduce enmity generation for 15 seconds on a 120-second cooldown, useful! TP regen is now standard thanks to the inclusion of Invigorate at level 24. 400 TP every 120 seconds, this will be on your bars 99% of the time for sure.

Moving on to level 32, all melee receive Bloodbath. The cooldown has remained the same at 90 seconds, however the duration has been boosted to 20 seconds from 15. Also, probably because the tooltips aren’t quite final yet, it does not specify how much physical damage is converted to HP, however the rate of conversion is currently 25%. Rejoice Melee, for the TP shall flow from the Heavens! Everyone gets Goad! Goad, if you needed a reminder, is a 3-minute cooldown that refreshes the TP of the target party member over 30 seconds, and was previously a Ninja-exclusive ability. This is a great boon for double melee compositions that didn’t include Ninja. At level 40 all melee have access to some party utility in Feint. Previously a Dragoon cross class skill that saw limited use, except for as a filler, Feint is now a 15% Strength and Dexterity debuff for 10 seconds. It seems that the effect of Virus (enhanced by super virus) has been split and Melee now can help mitigate physical damage. Best of all, feint does not leave the immunity that Virus does on the target, meaning you can chain this effect for as along you have melee to use it.

Next, at level 44 is Crutch. This is an ability that removes bind and heavy from a target party member other than yourself. But… Why? If this ability is for only available in PvE, I have a hard time thinking of why you would bring this to any fight we’ve seen so far. Lastly, at level 48 is True North, an ability that nullifies all positional requirements for your weaponskills for 15 seconds on a 150-second cooldown. While definitely situational, this is a welcome addition for those moments where you have to move away from the flank/rear of a boss.

Using the encounters that we have seen so far; Invigorate, Diversion, Feint, Goad, and Leg Sweep seems like the best base loadout, though adding most of the others when survivability is need makes a lot of sense. It is mainly Crutch that seems… suspect. It is awesome that these utility cooldowns have been consolidated and shared, and I think it is very telling that none of them directly add any DPS. This really lets the designers focus on each Job’s unique style of damage without having to replicate functionality that would just be a re-skin.

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