Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview

Summoner & Bahamut


Even though it was a victim of the Caster purge from the prevalent meta compositions in Heavensward, Summoner was still pretty utilized in the speed-running community. Their DoTs and awesome AoE burst gave them the advantage on a few floors of Alexander. Right now, Summoner is in a pretty good spot. So, what could they gain in Stormblood? Well, there is the problem of the egi. The dev team has said that adding new ones would probably result in them being under, or over utilized, as it is hard to give options without a clear winner. So, they got creative. Summoners can look forward to a consolidation of DoTs, a new party buff, and the apparent answer to our egi problems in a big, big way.

Summoners, like all Jobs, now have a couple of unique Job UI elements. First is the on-screen representation of their Aetherflow stacks, which when used double as a representation of your Aethertrail stacks as well. Once you enter Dreadwyrm Trance, a timer appears on screen, and stays through to a second use of Dreadwyrm Trance after which, it starts to glow. The reason for this is Summoner’s new second phase of channeling Bahamut.

After each trance, the Summoner gains a stack of Bahamut Aether. Once they gain two stacks of Bahamut Aether, the Summoner is able to use the new Summon Bahamut ability. This replaces your current pet with Demi-Bahamut for 20 seconds. During this time, Demi-Bahamut executes an action named Shockwave each time the Summoner uses an action. The second new ability that is available only while Demi-Bahamut is summoned is Enkindle Bahamut. As most Summoners know, Enkindle orders your current pet to use its’ unique and usually high potency attack. Demi-Bahamut uses Ahk Morn, that’s right, the real deal although on a 13 second cooldown. This is the big-ticket change, and is pretty awesome, but it is a small part of the new Summoner.

It was said in the Live letter that now most multi-tiered abilities that do the same thing will be condensed into one high level spell eventually. As Summoners main DoTs were Bio, Miasma and Bio II, you can probably sense what is coming. Now Summoners have two DoTs, Bio III and Miasma III. With this change, Fester has also been adjusted by lowering its potency to 200 with both DoTs applied. Tri-Disaster now inflicts a target with the highest available Bio and Miasma, and boosts the potency of all Ruin spells for 15 seconds. Also of note is that entering Dreadwyrm Trance resets the cooldown of Tri-Disaster which reinforces it’s use upon entering the trance. Now, I know the developers just collapsed most of the other spells, but Ruin I, II, and III while similar have different uses so they will all be used at max level, and there’s more!


Ruin IV has been added as a new spell. This spell can only be cast as a result of a 15% proc after your pet uses a spell or weaponskill. This Ruin Mastery proc also reduces the recast of your normal pets enkindle by 10 seconds each time it occurs thanks to the level 68 trait, Enhanced Enkindle.

Speaking of the less awesome non-Bahamut pets, there have been a few adjustments. One is a new Summoner spell called Aetherpact which orders your pet to use Devotion on a 90 second cooldown. Devotion, the pet ability, increases the potency of all attack and healing magic for all party members within a 30-yalm radius by 5%. It also reduces the damage taken by those affected by 5%. What’s this? A party buff for a caster?! Awesome. It doesn’t replace Foe’s Requiem, but it is a nice extra to make Summoners more desirable. The most impactful change for pets is the removal of Contagion. Garuda now has the ability, (Needs tooltip) which buffs the Summoner’s damage on the target by 5% for 15 seconds. Will this finally give more merit to choosing Ifrit over Garuda? Does the loss of Contagion mean anything now that Tri-Disaster will always be available for every Dreadwyrm Trance, and the DoTs last at least 24 seconds now? Summoner is one of the most changed Jobs, and there are still a lot of questions, but screw it, we get Bahamut!

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