Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview

AST – Oh my God, it’s full of stars.

Astrologian has had a bumpy history throughout Heavensward. It took a long while, and quite a few buffs to get them here, but now they are ubiquitous thanks to their unique buffs. Stormblood brings a Job UI to help them sort out all of their card effects, a couple of new healing and DPS options, a new type of card, and a cool down that would get them kicked out of every casino in Vegas.

The second flashiest new ability in Stormblood belongs to AST. Earthly Star is an AoE spell that you set down and press again to use its’ effect. When you trigger this trap card it deals 150 potency of damage to any enemies in range while healing allies for 675, which is just a tad higher than Benefic II. However, if you leave the AoE alone for 10 seconds it will gain the Giant Dominance effect. When you use Earthly Star under that effect the damage jumps to 200 and the heal tops out at a whopping 900 potency which is heads and shoulders above any heal currently in the game. This adds a preemptive heal for all of those “Reduce the party to 1 health” type of moments. This isn’t quite a “Oh S#!^&” button, but will reward those who know exactly when the party needs it.

Astrologian also receives two new cards and a new ability to draw them in Minor Arcana. Minor Arcana can transform your drawn card randomly into either the Lord or Lady of Crowns. The Lord of Crowns was shown in the benchmark trailer and is a card that is used to attack a single target with a potency of 300. The Lady of Crowns is a 500 potency heal to an ally. The best part of either card is that once you use minor arcana, that card sticks with you and will not be overwritten by your normal draw process. In this way, you can keep an ace up your sleeve.

The last ability that AST gets is a mulligan in the way of Sleeve Draw. Sleeve draw executes a Draw, Royal Road, Spread and Minor Arcana, and fills your Job UI with each card, 0-100 real quick. Of course, you can then decide to redraw/royal road/minor arcana from there, but it essentially lets you stack the deck every two minutes. I look forward to hearing my static’s Astrologian curse about how many Boles this ability gifts them.





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