Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview

SCH – Set it and forget it!

Scholar has long been thought of as a preventative or preemptive healer. They are the premiere “Off-Healer” in the current meta. Their job is dampening incoming damage, helping out in emergencies and putting out as much DPS as they can otherwise. Thankfully, Stormblood adds more tools to reinforce that role and add some party DPS synergy.

Excogitation is a new Aetherflow spender with a 60 second cooldown, but, is a preemptive heal that once placed on a party member triggers a 650 potency heal once they fall below 50% health. This is an amazing tool in the right hands and better yet, the tooltip does not specify if the effect has a duration. If that is true, Scholars can essentially turn a lustrate that they’d have to pay attention to, into a instantly triggered heal bomb while they deal with something else. Scholar also receives a new pet ability called Aetherpact, which triggers your fairy to use “Fey Union” that new fairy to party member tether skill seen in the live letter. It seems as though as you spend Aetherflow stacks you gain power on your new Job UI’s Faerie Gauge. Casting Aetherpact costs 10 power to initiate and Fey Union drains 10 power per tick as it heals the party member that you have designated. While Fey Union is active, your pet will do nothing but heal that target. The potency of this heal is not currently known, but considering the cost of increasing the gauge it must at least be 300 which is a very powerful regen.

Scholars will also gain two new damage abilities, Broil II and Chain Strategem. Broil II is boosted Broil with a potency of 230, but the same MP cost, which is great. Chain Stratagem is the “libra” like animation that was shown during the Job Action trailer. It is a 90 second cooldown that increases the rate at which a target is critically hit by a generous 20% for 15 seconds. Did you just hear that? as if millions of White Mages suddenly cried out in terror. While not as incredible as an Astrologian’s Balance card, this debuff will certainly help to reserve Scholar a spot in the meta, and DPS player’s hearts.

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