Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview

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Now that there are three casters it didn’t make much sense for Black Mage to keep Swiftcast to themselves so that is a no-brainer for a cross role ability. But, surprisingly Caster DPS received some of the more surprising and unique options in Stormblood. Addle is an old ability with a new name. It is a 120-second cooldown that lowers the Intelligence and Mind of an enemy by 15% for 10 seconds. So… Virus. But unlike Virus, it does not apply an immunity to its’ effect, so it could potentially be cast back to back by each caster in a party, which is pretty great. Next at level 12 is the new ability Break. Break is a spell with 50 potency that adds a 40% heavy for 20 seconds. Weirdly, Break has a normal cast time, but costs no MP, and the duration is pretty long. The next shared ability is also a new spell, and an interesting one at that. At level 16 casters get Drain, a spell with 80 potency that absorbs 100% of that damage dealt as HP. 80 potency is pretty low, but since it has no cooldown, it can potentially be cast over and over again.

Next up is Diversion at level 20, which is the replacement for Quelling Strikes’ enmity reduction. It has a 120-second cooldown and lasts for 12 seconds, and just like Quelling Strikes it only effects the abilities cast after using it, and does not reduce your current enmity. The next ability, Lucid Dreaming, is quite dreamy indeed. This is an ability with a 120 second cooldown that reduces your current enmity by half, but the more important part is the 21 second duration, 80 potency refresh effect that it has. Casters, regenerating their own MP? Madness! This is a pretty amazing inclusion and really highlights the spreading of utility to more roles. At level 32, Casters receive the ubiquitous Swiftcast, completely unchanged from how it works now, awesome.

Perhaps the most interesting new ability is Mana Shift. This is an ability, gained at level 36, that transfers 20% of the caster’s MP to another party member. The possibilities here are pretty amazing. From helping the healers out to getting around Dark Knights refresh restriction during Darkside usage, to helping to fuel Paladin’s new shiny abilities. Black Mages in particular could end up using this ability very often as they functionally have infinite MP. The next new ability at level 40 is an old one, Apocatastasis. Now each caster has access to the 150 second cooldown that reduces a party members magic vulnerability by 20% for 10 seconds. More mitigation in more hands is always a great thing.

At level 44 casters have the option to use a powered up new version of Surecast. It retains the ability to cast one spell without interruption, however now it also nullifies sleep, stun, knockback and draw-in effects for up to 10 seconds. Wow, welcome to ignoring all of that annoying crap every 30 seconds. Lastly casters get a new ability called Erase. This 90 second cooldown removes a single DoT from a party member other than the caster. This is a strange ability to say the least. Sure, it can definitely help in some situations, but it will depend on what effects it can nullify.

This is a great collection of old and new utility abilities. Swiftcast, Surecast, and Lucid Dreaming will probably be the usual suspects I love the idea of Mana Shift, it is just enough to help in emergency situations and 20% won’t cripple any of the casting Jobs, least of all Black Mage. Break is very situational but we’ve needed heavy effects for kiting before! Erase… Well, maybe it’ll be useful, but if so, that fight is going to be annoying.

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