Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview

WHM – Flower Power


White Mage has recently found its’ spot in the meta usurped by the buff-slinging Astrologian. As a “Pure Healer” White Mage is invaluable during the progression phase of raiding, but as players learn to make less mistakes, and push higher damage, Astrologian and its’ buffs start to give more of a benefit, while not losing much in the way of healing throughput. Stormblood – Doesn’t fix this at all… But hey, you get a barrier type spell, an interesting stack mechanic, an awesome cooldown, bigger rocks, and some pretty flowers!

Enough with the flowers, what the heck do they do!? There is a 20% chance upon casting Cure or Cure II that you will gain a lily. Each lily gives you a stacking recast time reduction to the next spell you cast of those in this list: Asylum, Assize, Divine Benison, or Tetragrammaton. The recast reduction is 4% for one lily, 10% for two and 20% for three. So, for example, building up three lilies and using Tetragrammaton would reduce the cooldown (recast timer) of it by 20%, from 60 seconds to 48. This would basically add one extra Tetragrammaton per 5 minutes. Another trait related to this system is added at level 68, which grants a 20% chance that Asylum or Assize’s recast time is reduced by a flat 5 seconds each time a Cure or Cure II deals critical healing. It seems that the intention is for White Mage to have these tools available more often over the fight and allow them to heal while dealing with mechanics or doing damage.

A new ability among those listed is called Divine Benison. This is a 60 second cooldown that creates a barrier around a target that absorbs 15% of their current max HP in damage. Divine Benison uses all of your current lilies; however, it doesn’t scale per lily consumed, it just receives the aforementioned recast time reduction. Unrelated to the lily system is a new ability with an all new mechanic called Plenary Indulgence, and this is an interesting one. As you heal party members with Cure and Cure II (sensing a pattern here?) there is a 20% chance that they will gain stacks of Confession. These stacks last for 30 seconds and power Plenary Indulgence. Once used, this ability will cast an AoE heal centered on that target up to 30 yalms, which is the same size as Cure III, on a 15 second cooldown. The potency of the heal depends on that player’s Confession stacks, 1 Confession is a 400-potency heal, 2 is a 500-potency heal and 3 is a whopping 600-potency heal, which is 50 higher than Cure III. This is a very interesting “Stored-heal” kind of mechanic that could see some great emergency heal usage all while the White Mage uses no additional MP. On the damage side, the only new spell that White Mage receives in Stormblood is Stone IV. Though, it will feel like you are throwing boulders at your enemies with its’ 260 potency, the same as Fire IV.

White Mage does lose Shroud of Saints to the role based action list, however at level 62 they will receive one of the most versatile cooldowns yet. Thin Air is a 120-second cooldown ability that reduces the MP costs of all spells cast to zero for 12 seconds. Yup, every cast, absolutely free. The usage of this are quite amazing. From Holy spam, to emergency healing, to a flurry of raises, or just fishing for lilies. Popping Presence of Mind and Thin Air is going to turn the White Mage into a conduit of Holy power. White Mage was probably the least explained Job in the Live Letters, but one with the most additional features. Lilies, new Confession stacks and infinite (for 12 seconds…) MP, but I can’t help but feel disappointed that White Mage received no DPS synergy. With Scholar gaining a 20% crit buff, and Astrologian being Astrologian, is there room for the Pure Healer? I hope so.

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