Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview

Role Actions

Healers win this one. There were so many annoyances and missing abilities in the current cross class lineup for healers. I mean, how many times have we heard of healers without Swiftcast alone? Those days are over! Right out of the gate, we seem huge improvements. At level 8 healers receive the reworked Cleric Stance. Now the ability itself is pretty uninspiring, a 90 second cooldown that buffs attack magic potency by 5% for 15 seconds. But the removal of the main stat switch and the weird delay that accompanied it are great. At level 16 all healers receive Protect, great, no introduction needed there.

Another shared role ability pilfered from White Mage is Esuna now gained by all healers at level 20. This is another great change, especially for those poor Scholars out there that otherwise had to wait until the mid-thirties for their equivalent. The next ability Lucid Dreaming is a 120 second cooldown that reduces enmity by half and adds an 80-potency refresh effect for 21 seconds. Shroud of Saints, is that you? Yet another ability that White Mage had is now shared between all healers. Thankfully at level 32 all healers get their hands on Swiftcast, which was an invaluable tool that could be completely missed.

Next, Eye for an Eye is now given to all healers at level 36 complete with the 120 second countdown that was previously the effect of an extra trait. Eagle eyed viewers of the Live Letter noticed that White Mage didn’t have the icon for Divine Seal and they were right. Largesse is a 90 second cooldown, gained at level 40, that has very similar effects. It increases healing magic potency by 20% for 20 seconds. This will be very interesting for Scholar and Astrologian and their healing potency based shields.

At level 44 healers have the option to use a powered up new version of Surecast. It retains the ability to cast one spell without interruption, however now it also nullifies sleep, stun, knockback and draw-in effects for up to 10 seconds. Wow, welcome to ignoring all of that annoying crap every 30 seconds. Lastly at level 48 healers gain access to Rescue a 150 second cooldown ability that annoys anyone you cast it on. Scratch that, apparently the tooltip says that it instantly draws a target party member to the caster. Now, of course, there are some great uses of this ability, but if it is off cooldown and it seems like it won’t wipe the group, I am sure some poor DPS is going to suddenly be very annoyed.

The only problem with these abilities is that most of them are incredibly useful. Lucid Dreaming, Swiftcast, Protect, Largesse are basically required. Though there is a possibility that healers will now coordinate which one will bring Protect and Esuna. Surecast is suddenly useful, and Cleric Stance is a bit underwhelming, but it is a DPS increase. Really only Break and Rescue are questionable and highly situational.

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