Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview

DRK – The Complex Tank?

The live letter and Job ability trailer sort of left Dark Knight without much explanation. In Heavensward, Dark Knight has been a stellar tank as of late, and really rewards good MP management with great mitigation and damage. Stormblood adds a couple new tools including a giant sledgehammer.

Dark Knight gains a new feature in the Blood Gauge. Much like the other jobs with new Gauges, this powers some of the best new abilities. You gain Blood (for the Blood Gauge!) from a few weaponskills and abilities including Souleater, Blood Price and Blood Weapon, which gives 3 points each time you use an auto-attack or weaponskill. Using the gauge on top of managing MP and toggling Grit/Darkside and Dark Arts will be the mark of a great DRK. But, what does the gauge power?

On the offensive side, you have a new cooldown version of Delirium, a new AoE, Quietus and, the aforementioned sledgehammer in Bloodspiller. Delirium costs 50 Blood Gauge but extends the time of Blood Weapon by 8 seconds. Quietus is a AoE boosted by Dark Arts to 210 potency, but also costs 50 points from your gauge. Bloodspiller costs the same amount but, is a single target weaponskill that has a staggering 650 potency while in grit (520 without) and being boosted by Dark Arts.

Defensively, your level 70 ability is The Blackest Night, which seems to be the shielding ability shown in the Job Ability trailer. Unfortunately, we do not have the tooltip for it. Otherwise, as with all tanks, Dark Knight can pick up most of the awesome defensive abilities available in the shared role options like Rampart, Reprisal, Convalescence and Anticipation. Dark Knight is in a great spot as Heavensward draws to a close. Enhancing their damage, while giving them a useful shielding ability  just ensures that they’ll be a great option going into Omega, with what we know.

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