Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview

PLD – Requiescat in pace?


Paladin, the oft maligned master of mitigation, finds new life in Stormblood. During the live letter, it was mentioned that Paladin will be able to block magic, which will bring Paladin back to the main tank fold for heavy magic damage fights like A12 and super charge the mitigation of some of its’ cooldowns like Sheltron.

Rotationally, PLD receives some needed potency buffs for abilities like Goring Blade, and Royal Authority. PLD seems to be embracing the Magic-crusader archetype with the new abilities Requiescat and Holy Spirit. Requiescat is a 350-potency nuke that only deals its’ max damage at max MP. In addition, using the ability buffs all of your other magic damage and healing for 12s every minute. This should create a MP burn/conserve rotation for paladin damage in which you get as many casts of the other new ability, Holy Spirit as you can. Holy Spirit is a casted nuke with a potency of 430 or around 506 with the Requiescat buff, which is similar to the potency of fell cleave. On top of those Paladin gains something that was sorely missed, a spamable AoE sword strike called Total Eclipse.

On the defense side, PLD gains possibly the flashiest skill in the game with “Passage of Arms” and Oath Gauge spenders in Intervention and Sheltron. Passage of Arms is a channeled 15% damage reduction for your party, and a 100% block rate buff for the caster with a cooldown of two minutes. Besides the obvious “Teraflare/Boss LB” mitigation use, this could be a nice ability to help during multi-hit tank busters to block each hit.  Intervention is a cover-like ability that reduces the damage taken by a party member, with an interesting wrinkle in that it gains a bonus if you are currently under the effects of Rampart or Sentinel which gives it a potential max of 25% damage reduction to another party member.

Sheltron has been changed from a long cooldown mitigation tool, to a low cooldown (5 Second) Oath spender which will most likely be an emergency MP regen tool as well as its’ tried and true mitigation usage. Hopefully the addition of some great offensive options and the continued focus on damage mitigation brings Paladin back into the spotlight. If not… At least Passage of Arms is really, really shiny.

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